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  • Innocuous Crashes that actually do some damage – Lets hear your stories!?
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    So last night I was riding on a flat section in between trails and noticed a mates backpack was undone, I decided to try and zip it up while moving – big mistake he panicked slammed on the brakes which caused me to crash! No problem I thought until I looked down and realised I’d managed to spear myself with a brake mounting bolt and had a hole in my leg, quick trip to minor injuries & 2 stitches later I’m feeling pretty stupid!

    So lets hear your stories about small crashes turning out worse than they should have been!

    Premier Icon jam-bo
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    After a long day on DH bike, riding some pretty hard, steep tracks, I lost the front end messing around in the car park, landed awkwardly on the bars and broke two ribs.

    A week before going on holiday for the most painful week of snowboarding in my life.

    Premier Icon Vern0n
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    It’s true!
    Stalled and fell sideways at approx 2mph – hand out to cushion my fall (I was clipped in but too weary to unclip!) and ping went something in my wrist. Took approx 18 months to diagnose, ongoing physio and return to normal!!!
    Not cool

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    On my snowboard in the 1st week of February this year when I tried to do the simple little trick I’d learned a couple of days earlier. Not even a jump, just spinning the board as I descended! I mucked it up and dug the heel edge of my board into the hardpacked, icy snow. This led to me basically sitting down on my ass, really quite hard.


    I was five days in the spinal unit of a Bulgarian hospital before I was airlifted home. Spent another five days in hospital here then two months in an Imperial Stormtrooper body armour brace. My L1 vertebra is crushed down to 50% of it’s original size and is now a streamlined wedge shape. Still nips a bit as well!

    However, tonight I’m going out on my mountain bike for my first spin on it since before the ….incident. I’m quite excited about that! 😆


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    SPan the backwheel on a piece of slate heading up Garburn Pass (troutbeck side), fell to the front/side and landed, end on, on the bars and cracked my sternum. Then had to ride the bouldery descent on the kentmere side to get back to the car. It was hurty.

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    Premier Icon Clobber
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    Cedric Garcia

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    At the end of a ride over billinge lump, got to the bottom of the last descent, someone stopped in front of me, I rolled to a stop behind them, then couldn’t quite get unclipped and went over at 0.00005mph. My ankle perfectly aligned with a big pointy rock.

    Woke up in the morning in agony, can’t walk, or put any weight on it, and its black and swollen up like a balloon. Off to A&E…

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    I was pedalling up a gentle, grassy hill at walking pace and I hit a hidden tree stump. I was pitched over the bars and held out a hand to cushion the fall.

    Then I heard a very loud *crack* in my ears.

    That noise was all of my tendons in my A/C joint snapping.

    Five years later and I’ve a piece of titanium, some surgical nylon and scar tissue holding my shoulder together.

    Premier Icon jambalaya
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    I watched the Cedric video last night, ‘kin ‘sll 😯

    None of us will top that ! There was an STW who fractured his pelvis in a simple crash in the PdS

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    At night, upon exiting a super gnarly bit of Surrey Hills trail onto a flat piece of fireroad I put a hand up to my helmet light to flick it back down to low power. Whilst one handed the front wheel pinged off a stone that I wasn’t looking at – not fast enough to put me off, but sufficient that i had to quickly tripod. Excpet my foot also found a stone, and i went over on the ankle with the same sound it makes when you tear a chicken leg off. Torn ligaments, still not properly healed now and i need a brace for any sort of sport.

    I also had a tiny front wheel washout on Seagull at swinley; resulting in me sliding a knee over the hardpack. The combination of the embedded stones and hardness of the surface made it look like it had been hit with a baseball bat and then rubbed with a cheese grater, with little curls of flesh hanging off it. It subsequently got infected, needed ab’s and took 4 weeks before i could bend it enough to ride again.

    g-forms FTW since

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    Tripped over a molehill playing rounders hand out to brace against the fall – forearm rotated 180 degrees compared to my upper arm and elbow was halfway up the back of my bicep.

    Had to call out the pompiers for a trip to the hospital to have it put back and stuck in cast as I’d ripped all of the tendons.

    12 months on and it’s still sore :-/

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    My worst crash was as a late teen, riding along Worthing prom, admiring my shiny new saddle.
    Rode headlong into on of the bollards along the side, flipped over, headbutted the floor, couldn’t see out of half my field of vision, head CT, ‘something’ up my bum (antiemetic I hope), ITU, observations, fluids, home….

    Fun times.

    I’ve now had 2 head CTs in my life. Zap, burn, ping….
    I’m a frequent headache sufferer, and they’re getting worse.
    I dread to think what’s going on in my brain.


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    Riding back slowly to the car along a perfectly flat and smooth fireroad many years ago and I suddenly fell to my right, like I’d hit some ice!! Put my right arm out to cushion the fall and the front brake lever punctured my inner arm just above the elbow joint, went in all the way to the pivot 😯 Could see the lever just under the skin! Tried to pull it out but lots of blood started flowing so left it in and unbolted it from the bars and cable (v-brake days!), strapped it in place with some string I had in the car boot then drove to the local A&E a few miles away and calmly walked in. Cue a good clean out and a few stitches and I was on my way with a bloody brake lever as a souvenir 😀

    All I have to show for it is a small 1″ straight scar.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Not me, and not bike based, but my wife broke both her arms at the same time playing rounders. She was running for a base, tripped, both hands out, both arms broke just below the elbow. That was a fun few weeks I can tell you.

    Premier Icon joolsburger
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    Top of a climb at Cwmcarn, stopped didn’t clip out as my cleat got stuck somehow so a super slomo timber to the right. Right arm out to stop the fall and my forearm hit a sharp rock which opened me up about 3 inches long and an inch deep and nicked a blood line of some sort, a real gusher! Not even that painful just a really spectacular amount of blood! I’m told I looked pretty shocked.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    After a long day on DH bike, riding some pretty hard, steep tracks, I lost the front end messing around in the car park, landed awkwardly on the bars and broke two ribs.

    pretty much this. had stopped for a chat on a farm track after an evening at the Golfie. Went to set off, front wheel at a slight angle in a rut, didn’t push with enough force and collapsed in a heap onto my bars and broke a rib or tore an intercostal. Sore for weeks.

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