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  • Innerleithen , the golfie and surrounds
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    So, we were supposed to be going to italy with riviera bike in october for our annual mostly uplifted biking trip somewhere warm, but easyjet have just cancelled the flights, so we’re going to rearrange for next year.

    SO now we have a few days off work, and we’ve decided to go back up to innerleithen, weve done the trailcentres to death, so now fancy doing some off piste.

    I quite fancy the golfie – Is it the sort of place where you can go with the trailforks app and just follow your nose and have a good day, or do I need some local knowledge?

    Does anyone else have any decent rides we can do, GPX files or links to a website with the routes? we like winch and plummet, tech trails, flow trails. We’re not into slogging for miles along flat/muddy bridleways.

    Any suggestions welcome….

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    Just as well, the Golfie doesn’t really do ‘flat’.

    A day at the Golife navigating with trailforks is dead easy, you cannot go wrong. Then an uplift day at Inners with Adrenaline uplift..again trailforks is your friend.
    Or failing that stop and ask some folks, it is very busy just now and there are interm parking solutions in place so do follow the advice to keep everyone happy.

    And have a nice time.

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    Several very recent threads, have a search back.

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