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  • Right then what have you broke…

    I’ve done my collar bone (twice)
    Both wrists
    Several ribs
    Nose (twice) once was rugby though.
    Pinky toe on my right foot (now it can’t touch the ground)
    And my 3rd lumbar vertibrae (coming off the moto bike)

    And I just turned 25… I’m looking forward to old age!

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    12th thoracic vertebra,

    Right collar bone twice.

    Stitches and washouts 3 times.

    Ribs (probably) twice.

    I’d rather have some wear and tear due to having fun than wear and tear due to being a fat git. Although i dont do hucking any more after the back injury.

    couple of fingers and thumbs

    couple of toes


    and elbow

    and my pride, lots

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Chipped the end off my elbow
    (then one accident for all this lot…)
    Broken pelvis (3 places)
    Broken Sacrum
    1 Broken Rib
    Broken 4th Metacarpal (left)
    Torn rotator cuff

    5 Broken ribs (maximum of 2 at a time)

    bone scan of the big bike crash:



    Dislocated shoulder,
    Ripped tendons and ligaments in the ankle.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I grazed my knee and hip once.

    Motorbike (big crash)
    Shattered right knee
    Shattered right femur
    Mahoosive gash in left thigh
    Loads of internal injuries (emergency laparotomy)

    Motorbikes (wee crashes)
    2 broken ribs (twice)
    Chipped bone in right ankle
    Loads of sprained ankles and wrists

    Mountain Bikes
    Snapped tib and fib right leg (1 crash)
    3″ crack in radius into right elbow (another crash)

    Plus loads of injuries when I was a kid and bounced a lot better than I do now


    (then one accident for all this lot…)

    how did you manage that?

    colarbone x 2
    ribs x 2

    I think I’ve got an ingrowing toenail. Not sure if its bike related, but I did stub my toe on a nasty root pushing my bike on Sunday.

    Ripped the front of my eye ball
    Dislocated shoulders (Twice on the left, once on the right)
    Stretch upper vertbrate
    Snapped sturnum so the botton of it points forwards out of my chest
    Front Ribs – Lost count of front ribs
    Back Ribs – 2 in 2 places at the same time
    Right Arm
    Both Wrists
    Three bones in left hand (called metatarsels in feet)
    two bones in right hand
    three fingers
    Lifted my knee cap off my leg with the handlebars
    Ankle smashed and talus bone blood supply dead so it is slowly crumbling away
    8 toes
    Lots of concussions
    Nasty paper cut on the tongue sealing an envelope to the health insurance

    probably more but those are the ones that spring to mind.


    Do you people have co-ordination difficulties or something?

    I’ve bashed my gentleman’s area and that’s about it.

    I’ve made a mess of my knuckles changing chainrings / disc rotors though

    Speed before Control!


    reminds me of the “scar scene” in Jaws…. I hurt my foot kicking a dog once (joke)

    enfht – Me too which is why I added the paper cut injury. Taken direct from Jaws

    They would be metacarpels then?


    Not as bad as above, but my most recent biking injury.

    I think my coordination was already broken!]
    Subsequently I broke:
    collar bone
    little finger (inside palm)
    left middle finger (OW, still trashed!)
    also my knees and shins are quite scarred from multiple impacts

    acceptable collateral damage



    You should have got them to sort that wisdom tooth out at the same time!


    Collarbone. Didnt know it had happened.
    Ring finger on right hand – cracked knuckle (fell off boardwalk and punched it on the way past)
    Cut the top off my right index finger with the chain/chainring, had it sewn back one.
    Countless shin scars, including a proper squirter from landing kneeling on my frame after a jump – pressure-split my shin open on the top tube, theres now no tissue below the scar and its just a thin skin covering over the bone.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    jees u lot need more calcium in your diets

    ive never really broken anything and ive been trying quite hard for years

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    My list is pretty long too.

    Right Humerous at the elbow
    C7 of neck leading to partial paralsys
    Right Ankle
    Sheared top of left humerous off
    Broken right wrist
    left front ribs
    right rear ribs

    Just broke my dog last week walking him on the beach, he slipped and broke his elbow!


    All I have done is cut open my left shin when I was about 10. This was the result of my first attempt at jumping I landed on a lump of broken concrete and it split open my shin so I could see both bones in there. 10 proper stitches in a 10 year old sized shin is quite big. Only had one day off school too.

    Oh and Ive tore my ball bag again while jumping but I was about 18, hooked up the back wheel landing a double and bent the saddle then landed my balls on the tyre I was only wearing thin football shorts that offered no protection. My balls got pulled in between the tyre and the seat stay and the only way of stopping was with v brakes! I limped off behind a tree to inspect myself came back with my hand covered in blood and decided to go home. It was a two mile ride because we didn’t have mobile phones then.

    Oh yes I also still suffer 10 years on from having got whiplash down my back when (you guessed it) jumping again. I’m in constant pain from it. Nice.

    I think that’s all.

    Not really hurt myself properly for some time now but I have a feeling I will if Llandegla is open on Monday.


    got one of these in my hip

    can some one clicky it for me please


    kimbers – Member
    jees u lot need more calcium in your diets

    ive never really broken anything and ive been trying quite hard for years

    Maybe your trying hard and our trying hard are different levels, you know, like the difference of a drag race between a punto and a top fuel dragster, both will be trying hard but only one will ever win 😉

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