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  • nicko74

    4 weeks before heading off on a backpacking trip starting in Turkmenistan and finishing in Kashmir, I pulled a mate out of a fight outside a bar. It was a proper ‘rolling around on the floor’ fight, and the other guy was biting, gouging and so on, and bit my hand.
    Went to A&E the following day and they gave me a week’s supply of mild antibiotics. Once those were done, the bite started to swell and go grey, ending with me in hospital for 2 nights on a drip, missing a chunk of my hand.
    Had to continue with physio exercises and more antibiotics and painkillers in Ashgabat and across Turkmenistan, as well as a weepy dressing. Not great.

    b r

    Went to Aston Hill for a mornings play; fell on a jump and broke my wrist and split open my leg on a flint (you could see all the ‘bits’ inside…).

    My mate called my wife and suggested she meet us at A&E (I was ambulanced there). That evening we were suppose to be going away for our wedding anniversary at a very plush hotel.

    And the next year two nights before leaving for a week in the Alps me and a pal went for a quick evening ride. He fell off and hurt his wrist. Went next day to A&E, when he told the Doc how it happened and how he was going to the Alps the next day for a weeks riding they just strapped him up and told him to take it easy and come back when he returned.

    A weeks riding and when he returned they put him straight into a cast as he’d a broken wrist.

    “Well, you did want to ride didn’t you”? says the Doc with a smile.


    Just acquired a suspected broken scaphoid while testing my new bike ready for the 24/12. Now the 24/12 is gone, no cycling for the whole summer, 3 sportives to be cancelled, no driving etc. PITA.


    In 2009 I broke my elbow 2 weeks before flying to Morzine. Luckily for my other half his mates were also going, so he still had someone to ride with. Being in Morzine and unable to ride was quite depressing.

    We finished work this year on 20th June for a year’s sabbatical, we were due to spend the first month in Morzine, getting the Channel Tunnel on the 29th. On the 22nd my other half and his mate collided while going down a road descent in the Peaks, he broke his thumb and has had to have numerous visits to fracture clinic and is in plaster so can’t ride.

    His mate was knocked out and was in hospital with a brain injury for 2 weeks. He’s been told he needs to take it easy with riding and no off road. He was due to do Wales C2C off road this last week.

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    Dislocated my shoulder while ice climbing 3 weeks before the birth of first baby. Wife got call telling her to come to A&E from close friend as I was fully drugged up.. It was “fun” explaining to all the nurses during delivery why I was unable to be much help at all.


    Me after a crash at Cannock one night – had to deliver a training session on “risk management” – away from home, limited sleep, feeling grim


    Doing a teaching practice on how to sharpen tools, and then use them, went well, tuill i decided to wipe away the shavings from the bench, a chisel newly sharpened was hidden under the shavings, sliced my fingers open, and they thought it was a joke with fake blood.


    Summer 2006, completed PGCE that June, got first teaching post due to start 1st September, spent summer holidays having a ball flying around Scotland and Wales on my bike. Bought new bike, rode it on epic(ish) route in Brecon Beacons end of August, totally misjudged drop off and shattered collarbone.
    On the day I should’ve started my new job I was in hospital having it plated back together. As it was a PE post they wouldn’t let me back until after half term and then it was to teach numpty kids no one else wanted maths and science. Let’s just say it was a steep learning curve!
    However, it was possibly the best thing that ever happened to me as I ended up riding Mayhem in 2007, 08 and 09, 24/12 loads of times, other events that I did quite well at as well as going to the Alps and all over the place. I now have a job in the bike business that suits me down to the ground while Kip Jr is young, although I hardly ride a bike at all any more due to said child!


    Snapped my banjo during an intimate evening with the then girlfriend.
    Spoilt the moment somewhat.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Oldnick – ooft!.

    I know a guy who did that during a ‘moment’ with his good lady, He didn’t notice as he was half pished and it was dark. I can’t imagine the fright he got next morning, as the blood was everywhere.

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