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  • Injured, 2-3 months off, inspire me
  • plus one

    Turbo trainer … But different sessions to mix it up to alleviate the boredom a tad 😉

    Premier Icon Esme

    Have you thought about posting crabby comments on other people’s threads?
    (But seriously – get well soon!)

    Wasn’t crabby Esme – was just a perfectly true statement

    (But thanks anyway 😉 )


    Been out of action for a week and a half,am now using the Turbo trainer to try and keep my legs moving

    Premier Icon Esme

    What are you able to do at the moment, Artist? Can you drive? Can you go walking? Would you like a go on my recumbent trike?

    So, following on from my injury thread the other day.

    Aside from my very clean bike sat looking at me in the lounge (soon to be relegated to the shed), what do you do to keep your mtb interest piqued?

    And also fitness – looking like exercise bike at the gym, maybe a bit of treadmill – any upper body is probs gonna be ruled out

    I can drive, have movement of my right arm, but not much strength (detached bicep) – I’m still working as an electrical contractor on the highways.

    Problem comes if/when I have the op to re-attach and the recovery period – will be braced and very delicate. I reckon I’ll be hiring an auto car!

    Can you use a recumbent trike with one hand? I’d imagine you could.

    Premier Icon Esme

    It depends on the type, Artist.

    The Windcheetah has a central joystick for steering, with levers and shifters attached, so one-handed is very straightforward.

    Others have a conventional bar, so need two hands. However, a friend modified his trike to put everything on his “good side”, so he could ride after shoulder surgery.

    rob jackson

    learn to **** with your left hand


    I didn’t ride a bike from October last year till April 4th, first due to pressure of work then treatment for cancer in my neck.
    When the cancer treatment finished I treated myself to a rather expensive road bike and I’ve been using that and Strava to provide motivation to get my fitness back.

    Hmmm – interesting food for thought, cheers Esme 😉

    rob – what kind of bloke do you take me for? I learnt that one years ago – works best if you sit on it first

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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