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  • Rockape63

    I was going to say a nice watch. If you buy a good one, it will go up in value, so you’ve spent the money, enjoy wearing it, reminds you where it came from and is still worth what you paid for it!

    Its win, win, win!


    my grandfather died a while back, the inheritance wasnt much but we managed to do the living room out with a really nice wood burning stove.

    Every time we use it I think about him……he was cremated

    Did he spell your family name the old fashioned way …. without the h

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Invest in a kickstater company? I know one that came up with an ingenious idea to attach party hats to helmets.

    Premier Icon kcal

    I suppose the same is true of any purchase but if the said watch was to be lost or stolen; what then? you’d be gutted and any replacement wouldn’t be the same..

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    As nice a Les Paul as I could afford would be top of my list. Or if was a bigger sum a nice Les Paul plus a nice 335/339…..

    I just don’t see the point in blowing a load of cash on a bike frame – guitars last for ever and get better with age so it is something you will keep using and cherishing for the rest of your life.


    As above classic guitars are a good choice. I have a couple I bought with bits of inheritance from grandparents. I’ll never sell them.

    A nice acoustic like a Taylor or a Martin is a good choice. It will only get better with age as well

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    A word of caution about nice watches.
    My Boss had a very nice Breitling ,worth somewhere in the region of my annual take home pay.
    He went out in Manchester on a saturday night wearing said watch.
    He no longer owns a nice Breitling.


    +1 for nice watch or art.

    Do you have a wife and/or kids? It might be worth getting you wife a nice piece of jewelry (from your Gran) and/or something for your kids to inherit when older!


    Currently toying with the idea of Lenin Peak or Tein Shan with a mate who’s just back from there. I doubt that a 7000m+ peak in the former Soviet Union would ever be anything other than an adventure.

    Tell me more? We’ve climbed extensively in the alps over the last 20 yrs, but never further afield. My pal suggested an ‘expedition’ type holiday next time (ie a bit more remote and less organised than Western Euro mountains). Don’t know where to start, has to be reasonably cheap to access.


    So if it’s lost or stolen you get another with the insurance money. It will still be a momento to remember him by.

    Just make sure it’s specified on your contents insurance!

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