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  • piemonster

    ……die a horrible gruesome death?

    Or will I pleasantly pootle about a calm sheltered bay or loch on something that’s a bit rubbish but enjoyable enough and can be stuffed into a hatchback?

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Ours is great. Once its pumped up hard it is happy in various conditions including a little surfing.

    Heading out on a choppy loch.


    You might even end up doing a few low-graded white water rivers and enjoying it without dying. Make sure you buy all the obligatory safety accessories needed for inland/offshore boating at the distance you intend to paddle from the coast.

    Edit: mine’s the same as Nick’s but yellow.


    There is a lot of snobbery about inflatables. But the good quality ‘proper’ ones are capable boats. They do have drawbacks, harder work to paddle as they don’t ‘glide’ through the water as easily as a hard shell, catch the wind so care needed on open water (isn’t it anyway), don’t have the same finesse handling as a good hard shell boat. The big plus point is stuffing it in the boot of a hatchback, or in our case the camper van for that ad-hoc paddle when you didn’t really plan on it.


    Are they any good for fishing? Obviously with hooks flying about, extra care will be needed, but i was thinking about getting one to get me into all the nooks and crannies that you can’t get to when casting from the bank.
    Could you strap a rod on the side and a fishing bag in the back somewhere?


    How well things go will have a lot to do with where you use it and how you plan for the weather. Inflatables are very sensitive to wind so look for a nice calm day in a sheltered location, with an onshore breeze if there is any wind. Make sure you have buoyancy aids. If you buy an inflatable make sure that the tubes inflate separately so that if one is torn you have some redundancy.

    It’s mostly common sense really but provided you use your noggin they are great fun.


    Noggin use factor noted.

    Summer isn’t that far away….surely.

    Thanks for the replies peeps, advice and comments taken on board.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Your children will say no going for paddles @ dawn!

    Our crazzzzzzzzzy child sunrise boat trip by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    P5270957 by Richard Munro, on Flickr


    Once its pumped up hard it is happy in various conditions


    I thought about getting one last year but other things got in the way, a Seylor something or other. Maybe this year…


    We bought a couple of Sevylor’s – a Yukon and new model Colorado. Not used too much ove the past year but when we have they’ve been great!!

    Go for it, you can always sell if it doesn’t work out!

    Sevylor Yukon by N Paul Evans, on Flickr[/img]


    Ive got the same as the one in Postirich’s post. 3 x lifejackets and oars etc if anyone is interested.

    Its been great but not used it as much as I would have liked and my kids are older know so its sitting in the garage 🙁


    I have the same one as Postierich too, Sevylor Hudson. It’s great!

    We keep it in the back of the camper and have used it all over europe, paddling in the sea at Cornwall when the surf is flat, across the Italian lakes etc. 10 min set up/down time, sturdy, stable, quick enough.

    The only real PITA is drying it out fully before packing away if the weather is a bit manky, no worries in Italy or France but Cornwall was a bit of a challenge!



    Paypal gift? 😉

    I’ll fire over an email later


    Another Sevylor Hudson here, quite a flotilla of these appearing! Bought ours on a whim last year when seriously reduced at Decathlon, and not regretted purchase at all. Surprisingly capable and great fun in the surf, plus it hurts less than than our rigid Malibu when the surf dumps you out! Used a lot last year on light wind days when drifting around on the windsurfs lost its appeal.

    don’t know what the technology is like in the sit on/in world, but inflateable stand up paddleboards (i-sups) at the top end are very good now. still some cheap nasties about yes, but get a good one and it will take 30psi from a compressor, be as rigid as a solid board plus they are bulletproof and super light. oh, and they pack down to a bag around 3ft x 1ft x 1ft. i rate em!

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Good point from Coleman. I had a go in a friends plastic canoe. It did handle better but boy did it like to give me a whack.

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