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  • transition1

    was looking to build up a set of wheels with these hubs & wondering if any of you guys have any experience of these hubs, ease to get spares? longevity of bearings etc, how good pickup is

    Thanks in advance

    Premier Icon flange

    I’ve had two sets and I certainly won’t own another. Bearing life is terrible – as in comically bad. I’ve yet to replace a set of bearings in my hope hub’d wheels yet I’ve done three sets in one of my reynolds set (fronts included). Be careful what age freehub you get as the older one has a known issue with the bearing on the inside of the cassette which collapses and costs £80 to replace. They also have a great feature whereby when you take the back wheel out, the cassette + freehub fall off firing the pawls for the freehub all over the shop.

    Seriously – they’re crap. Buy something (hope) else


    i cant comment on the torch
    but ive had two sets of the industry nine classic enduro hubs for 6 years, never once had a problem with premature bearing wear, they still run silky smooth and have the superfast pick up. ive changed the bearings but havent had to change the pawls yet.

    seriously, they are fantastic, in fact im staying 26 only because i dont want to give up these wheels

    mine were built by John of JRA who i found extremely helpful ( not affiliated in any way!)

    i guess its all down to personal experience


    I’ve been using a i9 Torch classic front hub for 2.4 years

    I’ve changed the bearing once and there due a change again.

    The rear hub is Hope.


    thanks for the feedback, it would be the latest hubs, J-bend rather than straight pull hubs, Would be building my own wheels.I can get at Trade otherwise would be Pro 4’s at CRC price. Don’t fulfil all of Hope’s requirements for Trade Acc, plus large 1st order….

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    DT 350s are hard to beat for the money, unless you want non-black hubs.

    Premier Icon ceejay

    Owned a couple of pairs of I9, originally the older enduros (John’s old wheels from Just Riding Along) with the funky middle bearing which were solid and now have the torch on lb carbon rims in j-bend format.

    Torch are a nice upgrade from the enduro, the poe is sweet on techie stuff, and they’re hand built solid bling.

    If your after spares John @ JRA is great, but also the guys in the states are good to deal with.

    If you want a proper bargain, go to superstar components. Chris King clearout on a good choice of rim built up for £550…. now that is a good price no matter where you buy from!!

    Orange Lad

    I’ve got the older xc hubs. Love the pick up virtually no delay is the power being transferred. As for problems other than spokes coming loose due to a poor build initially I brought a spoke tension meter since me doing that they have been faultless. Parts supply is limited in the sense you can’t just pop to your lbs for a part unlike other makes. But jra seem to have a good selection of spares. Also like the fact that not many people have them. They are also more bling than a blinggy thing may be that’s a reason some people don’t go for them.


    Had a set of Torch hubs for a year or so. I found the freehub draggy, although it could be speeded up by removing 3 pawl and using oil instead of grease.

    Bearing life was quite poor as above, but better with SKF bearings fitted.

    I’d go DT 240 instead or American Classic.


    I had a pair and they were really really good.

    I got rid of them because they were too noisy. You either love it or hate it and I prefer quiet hubs.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Got some of the new torch hubs. Rear is a bit noisy, but much quieter after a service with the recommended light oil. Bearings lasted about 18 months – 2 years riding all year round. No worse than any other hub. Simple to replace the bearings anyway.
    Instant pick up is great.
    I’d buy them again.

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