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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    So the broken thumb now means I will have some time off the bike, couple that with a race in March and a desire to enjoy the festive season and the beer that goes with it I need an indoor trainer…

    From what I have read a while ago the ones that use fluid for resistance are smoother and quieter.
    Few questions – is the resitance fixed and you use the bikes gears for making it harder?
    How noisy/quiet are these?
    How big a fan do I need considering its 20-25c here
    Does something like a Garmin make sense for training effectivley on one?
    Will people laugh if I try and take it on uplift at DH races 🙂

    Looking for some recommendations really

    These came up first in the search and are about the amount I’ll spend so lets hear it!!
    Also how easy are they to use 1 handed?

    Premier Icon bigad40

    Buy the cheapest thing you can ebay, after two or three goes you will realise its crap!
    You make it very far at a Dh with that on your bike.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Craps yes but at least 6 weeks to go and will probably be a good winter thing too


    Get yourself signed up for a couple or 3 spinning classes per week, if you get a good instructor, they’re a serious workout.
    The view isn’t usually too bad either, certainly better than the garage wall


    Are you using a road bike or mtb? Check that they’ll work for the wheel size. I think most trainers will accommodate both. Also consider getting a trainer specific tyre, even if you’ve already got a road slick, does make a difference.

    Some models have variable resistance, some are fixed. Should say in the description. I’ve got a variable though generally leave it at the same setting and just use the gears to get the right effort.

    I’ve got a smallish desk fan at the moment, fine for winter if I open a window. Got a big one that also comes out for the summer though.

    I use to use my garmin a lot, coupled with a speed/cadence sensor and a powertap hub. Now use instead. If you are serious about training on a turbo then I’d definitely recommend something to monitor your efforts.

    I’ve used fluid and magnetic turbos and fluid feels nicer and is a little quieter, though in the models I’ve used there isn’t much in it. I usually watch iplayer stuff on the turbo and no problems hearing it over the turbo.

    Not really tried using them with one hand. Might be a bit tricky to get in a decent riding position that you can stay in for a while.

    If you’ve not used a turbo before it can be quite tedious. Tips for avoiding tedium is to get some sort of program to follow, do intervals that have a bit of variety to them. And have the trainer in front of a telly or a pc, or have some decent tunes on.


    Turbo trainers are boring for sure. But do give the legs a serious workout if done properly.
    I use mine with the Garmin and do set miles at different levels of resistance. Trying to keep speed & cadence between set higher & lowers limits.
    The amount you will sweat will reinforce their benefits.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Spin = sh*t Chav dance music and mumbling idiots so no thanks for that one

    Hob Nob

    I have one of the Elite Elastogel ones, it’s pretty quiet compared to others I have seen/heard.

    I only turbo using the Sufferfest videos, I can’t just sit & spin, because it’s amazingly boring. They are pretty brutal however, but in general you are on & off the bike within the hour.

    I find after a month/6 weeks of regular turboing with these on a half decent base fitness brings me on a surprising amount. I normally stop once the weather improves & notice a slow decline over the summer, this year i’m planning on sticking with them all year to see if there is any noticeable benefit.


    Spin = sh*t Chav dance music and mumbling idiots so no thanks for that one

    As I said, it depends on the instructor
    The one I used to go to was run by a cycling club and the instructor was also a British Cycling coach


    As I said, it depends on the instructor

    This, but +1000. A decent instructor makes a huge difference.

    Answering the original question, and assuming spinning classes aren’t an option: get a fluid one, they feel better. Then buy a couple of Sufferfest videos, if you’re into DH I guess the interval workouts would be better. A Very Dark Place or Downward Spiral would be a good start.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Cheers guys. Spinning scenery is great but class is poor. That and needing to go back to sh*tmano pedals means it’s out.

    Will be ordering on of the fluid ones so hopefully crc get it posted on Monday so hopefully here by the new year.

    Bought one and found it incredibly boring.
    Watching videos etc doesn’t help, keep stopping at the exciting bits.
    Then I discovered Sufferfest videos, they really keep me interested.
    Would advise something like Angels or the Hunted first.
    My 1st was Angels, next was downward spiral, found it much harder.


    Not keen on The Hunted, not sure why but I find it dull. Angels is a lot better.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Prepared for the boring but not much choice. Also I believe they can get a little sweaty how does that go with a pot on?

    Think its the 20 minute section in the middle makes hunted boring.
    Would def recommend angels to begin
    Yes can get a bit warm, I either use in the garage or conservatory with a few windaes open


    I love mine, they’re not boring in the slightest. If you’re having to watch videos etc it sounds like you might just be going through the motions.
    Do you have a cast though? that might be a problem.
    A good program makes a difference though I suppose. You do swear a lot on them trying to finish sessions.

    Sharing a 1 1/2 session is even better

    Premier Icon bigdean

    My current routine is:
    40sec skipping 20 sec rest
    40sec sit up 20 sec rest
    40sec weights 20 sec rest
    Repeat for 15 mins

    2mins skipping
    2mins light work on the punch bag
    2mins weights (arms)
    Repeat for 40 mins (no rests!)

    2mins heavy work on the punch bag 20sec rest
    Repeat 5 times.

    After all that some squats 3 sets of 10 reps with sets of jumping squats in between.

    Then to finish go to the stairs a jump from the bottom to third step up repeat 10 times.

    Good tunes a must.

    Edit: just seen the broken thumb so prob not the best. Tried spinning nice view at times but didnt do much for me.

    This, but +1000. A decent instructor makes a huge difference.

    This +some more.

    The poncey upmarket £80/month gym my missus made me join and we never go to is rubbish for spinning classes, the instructors sessions seem badly structured (sometimes I’m dead in 20min, others after the 45 min I’m hardly sweating) and include lots of ‘shake the bars’ and going round corners (WTF). And the bikes feel rubbish, they freewheel for a start, and the resistance comes from some V-brakes with carpet like pads which feel as natural as cheep orange juice.

    The £18/month council gym I used to frequent four or five times a week had some really good instructors with good routines that left you shaking after and hour and the bikes had some seriously heavy freewheels with fixed gears and good progressive resistance.

    Personally I’d try a few more gym’s before I spent more money on a Turbo.

    The only exception might be one of those elite real axiom rollers, I find it quite easy to stick to routines at the gym so pre programed might work for me.


    fairly pro spin classes here but does depend on instructor
    also joining a gym and doing some cross training with intervals on gym bike works for me but i like rowing machines and weights to make a session – poss hard with a cast

    turbo trainer but no idea what model – works for me with old TDF videos but also use HRM and cadence and without i can’t see it being “useful”

    as to sweat – yes – get a fan, one of those on a stand – even cheap ones come with remotes now

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