Indoor Bike storage issues/ideas

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  • Indoor Bike storage issues/ideas
  • wiggles

    I live in a small flat and have only a former boiler cupboard store my bikes.

    It is 87cm wide and about 170cm long and 230cm tall.

    I have my 650b+ hardtail, the missus’ hybrid two kids bikes and if possible my old MTB commuter which is currently stored elsewhere.

    None of my bikes fit length ways into the cupboard, the kids and the mrs bike will though. Thinking maybe sideways on hooks is the way to go but because it is so narrow you can’t turn the bike in the space to hang it up so would have to somehow carry them through the door sideways to try and hook them up?

    Any ways if anyone can make sense of my ramblings and offer any possible solutions?

    As at the moment the kids ones are hanging up, the mrs bike is burried and mine just sort of sits on top so I they are just awkward to get at.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    If your bikes don’t fit lengthways why not wheel her and the kids bikes in, and then front wheel off hang yours from the roof?

    My preferred solution is a painting sheet and front room…


    Don’t know how big a faff it would be,but couldn’t you slacken off the SFN & two allen bolts on the stem so that you can spin the bars in line with the top tube?

    Premier Icon rone

    Does removing the wheels give you any more flexibility? – it’s not that much of a burden to store the wheels separately especially on the least used bikes. It also shortens them.

    I remove pedals too – improves width storage.

    Premier Icon Lummox

    Scaffold tube running front to back and ‘s’ hooks, allow you to hang from front wheel and slide them to the back.


    Sliding rack sounds great, will have to figure out if it would be possible

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