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    Don’t they work to your hours though? All of our foreign support do.


    I read an article fairly recently about UK firms sending people to Aus/NZ for 6 month secondments and it was something to do with provision of support etc. 24hrs a day. Can’t recall the details.


    My recent fave was the Student Loan Repayment people.

    They sent me a letter which was completly wrong and then invited me to call them if they had made an error. So I did.

    I then spent 5 mins trying to navigate their phone system that was designed to stop me ever talking to a real person. In then end the call centre could have been next door, it wouldn’t have mattered, I was so irate with the phone system they had lost me. Shame I can’t find another provider.

    BT also excelled themselves the other day. They have some fancy voice recognition software that you have to tell why you are calling. Much to my suprise that worked exactly right, but then instead of using that information they then made my navigate about 10 layers of “press 1” menus and swear on the bible I had already read the online help guides before I actually got put through to someone. The Indian chap on the other end of the line was thouroughly pleasant and helpful once I actually got to talk to him.


    on’t they work to your hours though? All of our foreign support do.

    That would make sense.

    Unfortunately not. They probably would have had to have paid a little bit more.


    The Virgin travel offshore call centre cocked up our holiday of a lifetime (up to now) booking a few years ago. It was a package self drive LA-Vegas-Sanfrancisco trip but they managed to book the flights to arrive and depart from LA but we had to drop the car off at SF the day before the flight and had no hotel for the last night. We didn’t find out until the tickets came a couple of weeks before departure.

    I rang the call centre straight away, and there best advice was to drive to the airport (heathrow from birmingham) a couple of days before and they SHOULD be able to change the flights.

    And that’s the problem with offshore call centres, the perspective is completely out of whack, they can’t understand why we give a crap about internet or phones and don’t see a problem with having to travel 200 miles on the offchance that someone could sort out a problem for us.

    But not all are bad, Three are better than they used to be, and all the people there are clever people, they just struggle to relate in general I think.

    First direct are spectacularly good though. Completely recommended.

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    Personally not had any trouble understanding people at call centres (various accents) or with the service I’ve received.



    I think the biggest issue is call centres, regardless of location, seem to use string for their communication cabling. The line quality, and volume, seems to trip me up most times.

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    Slight tangent, but just had those lovely people from windows support on the phone from India with the unlikely name of Roger!. It’s been at least 12 months since they kindly spotted all the windows problems with my mac! They have learned the script better this time though to be fair. Still I was shocked by the “ok, FO then” comment when I let on that I knew they were scammers!!! 😉 if lunch was not ready, I would have happily kept them going for a while…..


    This cracks me up every time. Most of my dealings with Indian call centres has been with BT. I would say that although accents at both ends of the phone don’t make it easy, I have always found the person to be friendly enough and keen to help.


    Some Indian call centres are woeful as they’ll just employ the cheapest English speakers they can find (some not even fluent). Company I work for is a global IT services provider and our offshore stuff is generally pretty good (I even have someone in my team that work out of Bangalore). They do a lot of training on pronunciation so the guys over there are generally very easy to understand (important when you’re discussing technical stuff).


    At work we use Hoares bank in London(think its the UKs oldest bank). Put through to your own account manager who knows your name and sorts things out pronto in clipped English. I can speak some Hindi so Vodafone calls end up being quite a laugh!

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