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  • tacopowell

    A simple job which is turning into a pain!

    running 1×9 with a XT mech/shifter.

    Had it setup and working fine about 4-5 weeks ago but already the beggers out of sync.

    Limit screws are setup spot on. I can get them almost aligned but some sprocket’s are hesitating or jumping, no amount of barrel adjusting on the shifter is helping to find the right spot,

    I have noticed that on the lower end the shifter is feeling a little stiffer? I’m running a cheap Clark’s cable, could this be the root of my problem?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Knackered cables. Outers to short. Bent mech hanger.

    Probably one of them.


    Was it a new cable when you first set it up ? If so it could be cable stretch , shift into smallest cog on the cassette and see if there’s excess slop in the cable .

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    Mech hanger bent would be my guess


    Normally problems shifting down are to do with mech hangar, or at least I’d look there first if you’ve changed cables.


    Nope Mech hanger is fine.

    I do however suspect and embarrassingly so believe it could be that the whole outer cable had shifted an inch or two towards the rear, leaving no slack at the front end, pulling this back up towards the shifter has loosened it all up, just re indexing.

    I’ll get back to if I’ve not sorted the issue! 😳

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    The first thing i do when i get a bike into the shop for servicing is remove the mech and straighten/align the mech hanger with the park mech hanger tool, 3 out of 4 bikes need some sort of tweeking so i’d bet your mech hanger has taken a knock at somepoint.

    edit : so your outer housing is too short and you’ve got play between between your frame stops?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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