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  • Independent, unbiased fact checking website?
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    So properly like so many other I don’t trust 99.9% of politicians as far as I can throw them!
    I been looking for some unbiased, fact biased website to double check what they are saying.

    Below is what I have found, is there any others I missed that are good?

    News websites that are good?

    I have found this, interesting site!
    Just select UK, can search other names etc.

    (from )
    United Kingdom[edit]
    • BBC Reality Check[31]
    • Full Fact:[32] An independent fact-checking organisation based in the UK which aims to “promote accuracy in public debate”, launched in 2009.
    • The FactCheck blog:[33] A fact-checking blog run by the Channel 4 News organization in the UK.
    • Ferret Fact Service:[34] Scotland’s first fact-checker launched in April 2017[35] after a grant from the Google Digital News Initiative.[36]

    Premier Icon Blackflag
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    The tories run an good independent fact checker on twitter.

    Premier Icon MTB Rob
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    LOL, wonder how long before that came up!
    What they did I think was underhanded and prop to ask the above.

    Premier Icon stewartc
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    Snopes is OK for a lot of social media stories.

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    What they did I think was underhanded

    Nah. it must be OK, Gove said so.

    Premier Icon frankconway
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    I rely on STW; independent, unbiased and not tainted by personal opinions.

    Premier Icon BigJohn
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    Every time I see Boris Johnson I automatically think Fact Hunt.

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    I always reckon the Financial Times is neutral and largely fact based. seems to agree with my assessment. is my go to fact checker but it does seem (to me) to occasionally stray beyond pure fact checking and into wider context which often starts to look to me like opinon.

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