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  • tang

    Must be something out there. I had a look a few years ago and ended up with a small flask for winter hot drinks in the bag rides.


    I bought one from Ikea for £3, it ticks all the boxes you ask.



    I’ve got one of these:

    which I actually got to stop my tea going cold while I’m working on the bike in the garage during the winter.

    Only thing is, it’s a bit too well insulated for me and I find myself having to take the lid off.

    It would work for you OK apart from the push-button that opens the sealed lid for you to drink. If it’s rattling around in a bag, the chances are the button will get squeezed and it’ll leak.
    If you can somehow prevent this happening, then it is compeltely sealed when on it’s side/upside down although I have only tested it in the car, not jiggling around in a bag.


    Cheers chaps, some good ideas there. That Ikea one looks perfect, but delivery is nine quid 🙁


    It’s worth 9 quid not to have to go to Ikea 😉


    Primus Commuter Mug, they’re miles better better than any alternative I’ve seen.


    Thermal/camping mug afficionados help required, i’m struggling to find a mug what ticks all the necessary boxes

    What I’m after is one that-

    – Will hold a reasonable amount
    – Properly seals shut (i.e. Will withstand being filled and rattling round the bottom of a bag withou leaking)
    – Has a sip-lid type thing, so I can use it in trains/cars without covering myself with hot coffee

    I seem to be able to only get two out of three 🙁

    Any help?


    I’ll have to get one of those Ikea mugs. I like the fact you can customise with a print or something. My old Stanley mug at work is getting thoroughly disreputable.

    The plastic one is cheaper but this is travel mug nirvana with additional STW points for being a cafeterie (ok can’t spell that):

    This ends the discussion



    bodum if shaken will pop open.

    dont ask me how i know ….. how ever it still travels the world with me ! im a 1 man bodum sales machine – everywhere i go and return to later i find the people that travel in the bus in the morning all end up with them 😀


    Contigo autoseal with lock button ticks all boxes.

    Dig deep available eBay, Amazon etc..

    As mentioned above it is a little too effective keeping drink hot sometimes!


    not found anything yet. I have a ‘sippy cup’ for when I need one, but have a military issue version of this for when I can stop and drink:

    eBay Mug

    No spill, hot for ages, sorted.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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