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  • Premier Icon sadexpunk

    i did the matched betting thing after seeing it on here a few months ago. probably made around £70 with 4 or 5 bookies before running out of decent offers, and also being a bit scared of having a lot of money tied up with a bookie, and the fine print insisting on further bets before withdrawing money.
    from what i remember you have to have a few hundred quid maybe in some bookies clutches and hope youre not gonna get shafted by the small print.

    still get emails now trying to entice me back, but just not sure im clever enough to pick through that small print. theyre not daft these bookies, just wish id been around when it was more lucrative.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Buy a load of batteries & chargers from DX & sell them as a UK seller.
    People seem happier knowing that they come from a UK seller, despite it being the same item.
    At the price DX charge vs UK prices, you could afford to chuck away & replace anything that comes back as faulty.


    What’s the 365offer?

    Deposit £200, get a £200 free bet. Bet365’s odds tend to be fairly good so it’s easy enough to match with Betfair.

    Wedding band/singer?

    Pool shark?

    Tutor something?

    Part time job on top of?

    Shave legs and call me Cinda fella?

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I used to do wedding photography. It bought me lots of nice kit and made a nice wedge at IRO £1100 a time, 1-2 weddings a month in the summer and 3 or 4 over the winter.

    Having done a couple of weddings informally, I can’t say I’d like to do it as a pro, the pressure to get the shots rights given the once in a lifetime opportunity would be too much pressure eg if a camera decides to fail at the wrong moment….


    cannabis factory

    Yep…. Worked for me. One year about 12 years ago made me the deposit for my house.
    Nowadays I do private electrical work for people, and building services drawings and electrical designs where I can. Really eats into my time though.


    I run a company doing Botox and Dermal fillers on the side, and mail order prescription medicine that makes your eyelashes grow….. Keeps me in gadgets and bike bits!

    It’s sooo different to the day job that it makes it nice to go to work!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I used to make a small but reasonable amount by flying internet spaceships and selling imaginary things I found with them. Worked out a fairly poor hourly rate but then, I was in theory playing a game. (in practice it wasn’t that much fun after a while!)

    So i sold my internet spaceship dude for an amount which the internet said was small, and yet common sense says was completely insane, considering he was essesntially a digital photograph and a text file.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    As I’m onto series 3 of Breaking Bad, I have to say meth cooking.

    Might need some investment in the form of a Winnebago and chemistry degree though.


    Factory worker by night, wood chopper by day 😉

    This time of year I can make more at a weekend shifting wood that what I make in a week at the factory!

    Sadly it’s very seasonal and this season is no way near as busy as last!

    Would love to find enough summer weeend work, mowing, hedge trimming, gardening etc. to dich the factory, but it’s not happened so far.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Having done a couple of weddings informally, I can’t say I’d like to do it as a pro, the pressure to get the shots rights given the once in a lifetime opportunity would be too much pressure eg if a camera decides to fail at the wrong moment….

    That’s why you have back up equipment with you.

    It was way scarier in the old film days which is when I started, wondering if the more difficulty lit shots were going to be ok or not.

    Under expose the dress a bit and you’re laughing. Set the flash to fire one stop short and you retain shadows under people’s hats under summer sunshine, the rest is crowd control


    I would guess…. that it is usually more efficient to spend the time furthering yourself in your day job to boost your income.

    I’m a landlord though, very occasionally get asked to carry out IT security reviews (this is a bit like my day job) and I make a regular but quite small income from drawings. I always have at least one paid for drawing on the go at any time although the income is more often wine, whisky or other goods rather than actual cash. Not bad considering I rather enjoy it and don’t think I’m that good.


    I dabble in fabric design, once designs are proofed for a small fee I get 10% of all sales. It’s a hobby that makes a bit of pocket money


    matt_outandabout – Member
    I have a buy to let, having had one for 8 years now. Yet to make any money each year, but someone else has Ben paying capital off my mortgage for me.

    You need a buy to let mortgage. Either that or the rent is too low.

    Fixing buying/selling phones/tablets. Little jobs for mates for no cash just “a crate” ahem.

    Used to do reposessions for a pals debt collection agency that made a few quid on friday and sat nights but 3 geezers in a transit and a lump of timber put me off that for a while : p

    Used to buy/sell retro gaming stuff but due to media people now trying to sell super nintendos for 2k

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