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  • Inbred 26" Time to retire it, or refresh it?
  • sq225917

    Has the Inbred 26″ had its day or should we refresh it? reverb routing, 44mm head tube and 142x12mm back end or let it pass away gracefully?

    What do people think?


    they can take my 26″, straight steerer, 135×9
    tinbred when they pry it from my cold dead spd’s 😀


    If you enjoy riding it, just tart it up. They take some beating as a good fun bike….

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    New head tube and new back end? Seems a bit much, what’s wrong with it as is?
    Either carry on as-is or re-purpose it. Single-speed? Pub bike?

    Got a 456 myself, love it!



    Stick a set of your fat forks on the front with a floater wheel = Alfine the rear end and you have the ultimate Winter tamer / bikepacking adventurer / general hooligan machine!

    After 9 weeks out after knee surgery – and a garage full off expensive full suss machines….this is the bike I cant wait to get back on 😀

    Premier Icon kayla1

    I think the OP is asking whether On One should rejig the Inbred like Cotic have done with the BFe26 and Soul 275 rather than someone just asking if they should buy new stuff for their bike.

    Sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick though!

    edit- would it be possible to squeak the back end to take 650B as well as 26″?

    Premier Icon Yak

    Probably not in 26er, except for the xs/14″ one. Maybe refresh for 650b and 29er, but keeping it xc based.

    Imo, the most versatile variant was the sliding dropout one. So maybe with bolt through sliders?


    Bringing it back on track as i agree with kayla1.

    It depends, first, do you think there is demand for a everb routing, 44mm head tube and 142x12mm back end at the lower price point? And one that isn’t being fulfilled by someone else?

    Unfortunately you cant sort the frames page on the site by popularity so its hard to tell how the current model is selling. And its not like they’d be retiring the name, thats a bigger deal, but i think the model moving with the times is a positive thing. I’ve owned 3 of the 29er frames (2 vert and one horizontal drops).


    At its heart its an inexpensive bike. We could do a bolt on back end with all manner of slots and different sizes as options but its detracting from the simplicity. 26″ in XS only is a solid idea though, might take you up on that.

    I like the idea of a 26″ 650 back end combo, there’s gotta be loads of shed bikes out there with 26″ wheels just dying to be built into a hack bike/xc hardtail, 650b compatibility down the line protects your investment. mmmm interesting and typically leftfield, could be right up our street.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    What about making it 650b only? Do 12mm TAs really help on a steel hardtail?

    29er needs a bigger HT whatever happens. Are there many straight-steerer 29er forks out there now?

    I want to see a multi size back end on slots with fat tyre width options as well. I want a 4″ rear tyre with standard width BB. Please.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    keeping it xc based.


    Premier Icon superstu

    Given how well the carbon 456 appeared to sell back in the day, I’m surprised that hasn’t been relaunched in 650b flavour, 142 rear etc (or boost now even perhaps).

    Back on track, I’m not sure. Yes having something that’s 26/650b swappable is ok but I guess some will buy your dee dar or 45650b frames anyway and chuck on their 26 wheels. The inbred was always a great do it all bike but perhaps now fits a weird middle ground where it’s too heavy for XC and not gnarly enough for some enduro types

    I do have a soft spot for them though, and still love my 29 inbred.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I’m bringing mine back to life this year.

    Premier Icon Andy

    I want to see a multi size back end on slots with fat tyre width options as well. I want a 4″ rear tyre with standard width BB

    crust scapegoat?

    Premier Icon 456mocha

    My Inbred is 12 yrs old this month and I have had no desire to change it for anything else. The only parts left that are original from new are the frame, headset and the cranks. It’s a pre-CEN model so has the thinner top tube, which I prefer.

    My LBS told me the BB threads are getting thin so I’ve been looking about for a replacement frame for some time in the future. Only frame I would go for at present (due to lack of funds) would be the 456evo2, however a rebooted Inbred would be a definite contender.
    Keep the top tube length (I’ve got long arms) with thin tubing, 100mm forks, XC focused but not 1x specific would be right for me!

    If it could be ready for 2018 then that will be perfect… and in orange. :mrgreen:


    Ive just spent a small fortune refreshing my old 456, ace bike.


    Noooooooo. Mines heading up to Torridon tonight with me. Simple easy fun bike

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    they can take my 26″, straight steerer, 135×9
    tinbred when they pry it from my cold dead spd’s


    I’ve got one of those too. It’s the only bike in my shed now and is going nowhere!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I think a steel xc hardtail (100-120mm travel) that meets modern wheel and fork standards is a good idea.

    Modular dropouts make sense for those moving from an older frame who want to retain existign wheels (is a 26/650 frame even possible?) but add complexity and cost to what has always been a relatively ‘cheap and cheerful’ frame.

    Will be interesting if the weight can come in under the 456 frame with modern test standards.

    Premier Icon faustus

    Picking up on the XS size thing – but take it further. Re-vamp the entire Inbred range, updating the geometry a bit, 44mm headtube, keep QRs (or have modular dropouts), have rack and mudguard mounts, and make the wheel size sizing dependent with some overlap. Keeps it as a do-it-all, versatile mtb that is also fun and tough but with more options for modern forks.

    Also – if you still have it, get rid of that truly awful inbred cartoon character decal.

    Premier Icon russyh

    Loved my old inbred 29er, was one of my favourite ever bikes. I have been toying with buying another frame and building one up as a winter bike. But have been always stopped myself mainly because of On Ones pricing, it would do my head in if they dropped them by 50% the week i ordered one. But also because I remember the ball ache of trying to find straight steerer 29er forks of descent quality. I would also like to fit a dropper nowadays and the choice is very limited with 27.2

    Premier Icon kayla1

    I love the idea of bolt on dropouts.

    My Sunn Tzar frame (and a few of their other frames) has them and you could buy 135×10, 142×12 and sliding dropouts for them for a while before they went bust. Again² 😆

    There must be loads of frames that are fine with either 26″/650B, I’m using 26″ wheels in my Flare and haven’t died yet.

    I want to see a multi size back end on slots with fat tyre width options as well. I want a 4″ rear tyre with standard width BB
    crust scapegoat?

    Hadn’t heard of the Crust Scapregoat – thought the Tumbleweed ( was the only bike that could do that…but even then that’s only if you use a rohloff.
    Scapegoat looks interesting for round the world touring.

    Premier Icon 456mocha


    It would seem that a decision has been made.


    Boooo! Perfect bike for natural riding. Not pure hardcore scene geo not too play bike. Handle pretty much anything and adaptable. Cheap too. Currently no competitor for this.

    Premier Icon Bez

    I’m a dad with a kid who currently rides a 24” bike and a garage full of old 26” kit, with QR hubs and straight steerer forks and threaded BBs, who before long is going to be looking for a versatile but cheap 26” frameset to build up as the next bike.

    Don’t know how many of me there are, but I seem to recall a few threads on here along those lines.


    Whaaaaaaat?!?! End of an era 🙁

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    A few months ago I priced up new wheels (rims cracked), new fork (bushings shot and worn stanchions after a decades use), new drivetrain, new handlebars and stem (10 years use) and worn out saddle and tyres….all on Sanderson Breath, straight steerer, 26″ wheel bike.

    I then priced up a decent hardtail, tapered fork, 27.5″ wheel, 1×11. New. Warrantied. With a decade of riding ahead.
    If I took £150 pff the new bike price for selling the Sanderson, it was no different in price.

    I sold the Sanderson for £200. I’ve a shiny new bike. Pure finance and sense decision.

    Premier Icon superstu

    No parkwood, no inbred, no scandal. Current line up looks weak in my opinion. Not sure the dee dar fits that well compared to competitors, and the 45650b is fine but been around a long time now.

    Could do with a refresh and a few new frames, cheap alu frame and cheap steel frame I think. Given how many people had them (myself included) shame they’re not as popular. I know it’s easy to knock them but as a previous 45650b owner, brother has a parkwood, they were good bikes for the money.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’ve caved in and pulled my 456 apart to eBay the frame and forks off last week.

    Already got a 29er frame, fork and some rims. But even though the. Wheels will be a ‘current’ diameter and the head tube is tapered the axles will be to ‘old’ standards and I’ll probably just stick with 10 speed kit for a while longer…

    There’s no keeping up with the “standards” on my budget TBH…

    26″ is dead(ish), and OO/PX are probably a bit deaderer for me, I loved the bike, but it’s had it’s innings with me, time for someone else to get some use while I move on to something lighter and better rolling…

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Kinda feel the same. Love my ti456 and my Scandal, great bikes. But On One have devalued the brand and I never look at the website anymore. Too much random stuff being knocked out cheap. Hope to keep my 456 going a bit longer but when it’s had its day I doubt I’ll be looking at On One for a replacement.


    I’ve got one of the limited edition 853 Inbreds, 10 years old now.
    In it’s time it’s been –

    120,130,140mm hardtail

    It’s had a new chainstay and another crack welded up.
    It’s been blue, orange and back to blue again.

    Other bikes have come an gone bu the Inbred has outlasted them all
    It’s going nowhere. If It comes to the day I can’t ride it again, I’ll keep the frame and hang it on the wall. 🙂


    I had an inbred singlespeed – swapped for a scandal 29 – which i’m still riding.
    Along side this i had a pompino; still my commuter.
    Then built up a geared 456;which i took to the alps in favour of my full sus. swapped that for a inbred 29.

    I was a fanboi – but they don’t seem to have updated stuff enough recently. Geometery on more recent stuff was a real dissapointment.

    Plus the fact that most of the stuff on the website is a con – most recently bought tyres – listed as scwalbe evos got performance.

    I’ll probably never buy from them again.


    Sad times, I always seem to have had an On-One hardtail of some description in my garage – original Inbred, Scandal 29 and currently commute on a Inbred 29er.

    Seems weird to get stop using these names, surely they have a bit of equity when it comes to web searches. I would have thought it would make more sense just to modernise the angles/standards etc and keep the names.

    On One seem to be going in a strange direction recently. Can’t imagine people will be still raving about the current line up in 10 years like they do about the inbred so maybe it’s a good thing to let it go as it’s from a time before On One lost their way.

    Still riding my 853 to PeterPoddy (also cracked chainstay and fixed)

    It’s now my rigid 67.5+ er, bombproof bikepacking bike (not that I have any other MTB so it’s also used for anything else to)

    But yeah the ‘brand’ seems a mess nowdays

    Premier Icon faustus

    Well, still have my V2 inbred as my town bike, and it’ll be around for quite some time. Never been an on-one fanboy, but have ended up owning quite a few decent frames, including my current parkwood which I love.

    Not going to get excited about the replacement Inbreds in 2018, from a company that is now a low-rent sports direct for bikes. I also never really look on the site any more or care, they really have lost their way.

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