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  • Inappropriate tunes for a funeral
  • theotherjonv
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    sorry to hear that HtS

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    Sorry to hear about your Mum – my best wishes to you and yours.

    The funeral service for my partner was in the university chapel – it was great to hear the organ belting out the Star Wars main theme as we filed out. He would have loved it, and it made me smile on a challenging day.

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    For mine – Good Riddance by Greenday. 🙂 I came close to playing it at someone’s retirement party but wimped out.

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    Sorry to hear that OP.

    I quite fancy Where is my mind by Pixies.

    Or Wake up by Nuclear Assault.

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    we sent Stef on his way last March with “this monkeys gone to heaven”

    Me= “Ain’t goin out like that” Cypress hill.

    Sorry about your mum mate.

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    This’ll do cor me..

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    Love a bit of planet caravan though i prefer laguna sunrise.

    Keeping the Sabbath vive hole in the sky from sabotage?

    Crazy world of arthur brown though it’s a bit obvious.

    So I’d say the theme from MASH

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    My wife, who’s a Steve Harley fan, insists she wants ” come up and see me” at her funeral. I’ve agreed.

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    Sorry for your lossds.

    I have said to my family they can play what they want but as the coffin is popped in the toaster I want “Ace of Spades” played at high volume, specifically the part “Gambling’s for fools, I know I’m going to lose, that’s the way I like it baby I don’t want to live forever” and then I want “Always look on the bright side of life” to cheer people up as they leave.

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    Some of these are wonderful suggestions, and I suspect reflect people’s personalities much better than some dry old hymns.

    If I can make people smile at my funeral, I’ll go happy (once the bastards have finished doing cartwheels on the news of demise!)

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    Can you dig it

    Going underground

    Living in a box

    Think I’Ll go for Buju Bantons buried alive

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    To Harry: sorry for your loss.

    I want Do You Realise by the Flaming Lips, and Hope for an Angel by Biffy Clyro. The first is just lovely and joyous and uplifting but still appropriate, the second purely because it’s gentle and quiet til it suddenly Biffys out of nowhere and then it’s all power drumming and AAAAAH aaaaaahhhh AAARARGH AARARGHGh

    I’d had a tough day recently and stumbled across the acoustic version of Semi-mental… “you shone a light on my life”. That got me good!

    For fully inappropriate though

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    My dad was a big “Trekkie”, so it was only natural to have the full original theme tune, including narration.

    Depending on the circumstances of someone’s death, a bit of light hearted music at the end seems to have become quite the thing. I like it; i don’t think it is disrespectful and just goes along with the idea of celebrating someone’s life, and not solely mourning their death.

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    I’m sorry for your loss, I hope that despite the sadness you have time to remember that she will always be with you

    And why not add Disco Inferno to the playlist

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    I’ve requested Tiger Feet, with actions.

    I wasn’t allowed it at our wedding, so it’ll have to be my funeral instead.

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    Sorry for your loss.

    I’m going to let my wife know I want to be cremated to The Prodigy’s Firestarter.

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    Doors. “Light my fire”. Followed by “Break on through to the other side”.

    Condolences. We played Rod Steward for my mother. I think he died on stage tonight.

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    I was actually asked what I wanted played at my funeral the other day by one of my daughters pals (11yo I think).

    Anyway, my personal choices are Into The Void (another Sabbath track) for the coffin getting tossed and then Drink To The Dead by Clutch for the wake.

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    Doors “Break on through to the other side” mixed mash-up style with Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the moon”

    It works, I promise.

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    Children of the grave again another Sabbath track….

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    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    My cousins husband died of MND at about 32 (unlucky sod) The funeral finished as the coffin dropped, with Robby Williams. Let me entertain You. “I’m a burning effigy of everything I used to be” etc etc. it was brilliant!

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    Sincere condolences.

    Survivor- Burning Heart

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    My mother nearly got played out to “Shine on you crazy diamond” – which would have been appropriate for her, given some of the things she got up to in her twenties…
    It wouldn’t have gone down so well with my dad, so it was lucky that the iPod actually came up with the adagio they had had at their wedding instead!

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    This, lyrically, is the one…

    ‘Oooh ooh ooh, flames are now licking my body..’

    Condolences, HtS…

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    Condolences for your loss op.

    I’m having 2 queen tracks. Who wants to live forever followed by show must go on

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    Dunno what song I’d have, but thanks to all for setting me up for a disco Sunday afternoon 🙂

    And of course: sorry for your loss harry 🙁

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    Black Lace, Gang Bang*.
    It’s what my mother half jokingly requested for when her when her time came.
    So we did!
    The looks on people’s faces when the the song got going at the end of the service was priceless.
    *She was a huge fan of the film Rita, Sue and Bob Too.

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    Some good suggestions there for the dearly departed.

    Since Prodigy is rather popular here I would consider Narayan (Prodigy – The Fat of the Land) …

    Definition – What does Narayan mean?
    Narayan is the name of a Vedic deity who is also believed to be the supreme Hindu god, Vishnu, particularly in Vaishnavism, one of the main traditions of Hinduism. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, nara, meaning “man” or “water,” and ayana, meaning “place of refuge” or “resting place.”

    In the “Bhagavata Purana,” Narayan is referred to as Para Brahman, or Supreme Lord. As such, he is the creator god, Brahma; the sustainer god, Vishnu; and the destroyer/purifier god, Shiva.

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    Condolences for your loss.

    I’d happily pay the crematorium extra if they could stop and reverse the rollers in time to “Should I Stay, or Should I Go”.

    Failing that it’s a choice between the aforementioned Disco Inferno, Monkey Gone To Heaven or Moving On Up by Primal Scream. Bit hesitant about the the last one as the gospel feel to it might give the wrong religious impression.

    Have we had ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool yet?

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    Other choice, should I snuff it in the next few years, given my reputation amongst friends for smut & innuendo would be AC/DCs Big Balls

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    Harry, firstly so very sorry your mum has left you and secondly live a little bit of her ethos every day, mine left us 5 years ago and I **** miss her as she was the most powerful Yorkshire woman you could imagine!

    Rona, The funeral service for my partner was in the university chapel – it was great to hear the organ belting out the Star Wars main theme as we filed out. He would have loved it, and it made me smile on a challenging day.

    That’s exactly what I felt as “Song to the siren” was played at Carolyn’s funeral, I almost broke down but had a huge surge of power from the effect it seemed to have on everyone

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    Hokey Cokey.

    “You put your whole self in
    You put your whole self out
    In out, in out
    Shake it all about”

    Picture the coffin doing the actions.

    Or my other idea, the Hokey Cokey Coffin with flaps for the arms and legs to do the actions as well.

    My wife’s friend’s family start every party with that song, so it’s only a matter of time before one of them does it.

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    That’s exactly what I felt as “Song to the siren” was played at Carolyn’s funeral, I almost broke down but had a huge surge of power from the effect it seemed to have on everyone

    MrOvershoot – great song, and hopefully that positive feeling will be one of the first things you remember when you think of that day. When I think back, the first things I remember are the kindness and care of the people, and the feeling of strength and hope from that music – and also for me, the fun and light-heartedness and mischief of that music played on the organ in that solemn setting.

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    Thanks for making me smile.

    Today is going to be tough. We’re off to Bereavement Services to get things moving. Me, my dad and my sister have a had a rough weekend. Lots of laughing and a fair bit of crying.

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    A very good friend of mine passed away about 10 years ago. As we arrived for the service, it was Manama by the Muppets that was playing. Entirely appropriate for Andy.

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    We’re doing ‘Three Little Birds’ (Bob Marley) and an Ed Sheeran song (not sure which)for MIL’s funeral next week.

    Much better than some god awful song she chose when her husband died – some obscure song from the 50’s that I had to track down on the internet – it was terrible (but her choice).

    My mate had the one of the Chanel 4 1980’s TDF tunes when he died (wife’s choice).

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    My step sister’s funeral a few weeks ago was interesting. Horse drawn carriage and traditional church set up. Coffin carried in to Born Slippy.
    I was watching via YouTube so I couldn’t see the reaction but hopefully there was dancing.

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    I think I’ll ask for

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    I am sorry for your loss, Harry.

    My jokey request was always “Monkey Gone To Heaven” by Pixies, but I see it’s been suggested already.

    My actual request for myself is Yob’s “Beauty in Falling Leaves”. Although at 16+ minutes it may be inappropriate in it’s own way.

    My real actual request is whatever the people at the funeral want to help them through.

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