in these ‘crunch’ times….still spending?

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  • in these ‘crunch’ times….still spending?
  • Premier Icon ton

    anyone still spending, like on bikes and other luxuries in these lean times??

    or are you waiting/saving.


    I’ll have to ask my personal shopper.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Spending on baby stuff, only a couple of months til the big day.

    Not spending on anything else much (and I work in a genuinely recession proof industry).

    i’m saving, but mainly because my income is greater than my outgoings at the momnt, and i’m not buying stuff for the sake of it.

    Might be off on assignment fairly soon, say helo to my quartet of friends the 60hour week (20 hours paid overtime 🙂 ), relocation allowance, pay uplift, and moving to a coutry that ha propper weather (Australia).

    On the downside the location is about 1000 miles north of Perth
    O the pluss side i saw a pic that makes it look like a giant sandstone skatepark composed entirely of 20ft fun box’s 🙂


    ton ton ton, you’ve just got 3 new bikes and showing off now

    Best way out of this recession is for everyone to start spending, and government to ‘lose’ or ‘delete’ the statement which has our debt on it

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    My spending this year has been more than usual, but only out of necessity really (wedding, dead car, finish house renovations). Nothing extravagent.

    Can’t understand why money burns a hole in people’s pockets. I’d much rather save up and retire early than spend it all on crap I don’t need, or really even want that much. People should apply more cold hard logic to their purchases IMO (which is part of the reason why the economy is in this mess)


    new car
    new bike
    new wheels
    new shock
    3 merino base layers
    new shoes
    tax bill 🙁

    No.Holding on to my pennies.Working in the contructon industry,job security is not a given and recent price increases on parts is making me resist upgrading.

    Premier Icon ton

    3 bikes, where????

    i agree tho, everyone should spend.
    prices are not gonna drop, just get worse.
    everyone seems scared at the moment.


    Building this at the mo,

    and i also bought a Panasonic 37″ LCD tv last weekend……


    come on ton, dont lie to me, i know you have them!!


    You need the spare money before you can spend it, and with so many losing their jobs, me included, rent and food seems a bit more important than bike bits and plasma tvs. 😛


    I bought some XTR pedals and chainset this morning, I’ve got some XTR disc brakes and a FSA K Force Light BB30 chainset on order.

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Question I always ask myself before spending: Will spending this money make me happier?

    Almost always, the answer is “No”. So I don’t spend it.

    For example I have been pining after a new car for a few years, but holding off because the answer to the above question was always “No”.

    The old car eventually became beond economic repair (would have been > £500 to fix £200 worth of car).

    So I went out and bought myself a rather nice car. The car is exactly what I wanted, no compromises (Octavia VRs). It’s lovely to drive, very fast etc. etc. brilliant.

    Am I happier as a result?


    PS I understand this may not encourage us all to spend our way out of this crisis!


    just thrown an xtr rear, shifter and saint cranks onto the demo 7 and the totems arrive for it next week.


    Yep still spending, however I don’t have a mortgage or debts.

    Just bought a new big fook off TV, new forks to escape the price rises, and next up is a car, gonna wait until I have some more saved though.

    There’s good deals around if you have the cash, or at least that’s how I justify my spending.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Still spending..

    Infact, we’ve never been better off than now..

    A tiny mortgage, 2 good jobs..A decent pension

    So all is good in teh world.

    Well, my world anyway


    We’ve cut spending to match our reduced income now that I’ve retired. Well, I say cut spending, but that’s only if you ignore that fact that I’ve just forked out £80k to pay off the mortgage 🙂

    And trust me, I’m much happier as a result!

    Yup, just splashed out on a new Santa Cruz mech hanger


    New Whyte Bike, Panasonic plasma, Skoda Estate, loft conversion, paraphernalia for twin girls. I have been pumping a substantial amount of money into the British economy in the last 6 months.

    Oh well just to keep up then, last year new bike, new car, new puppy, two new paintings


    Being a lazy arse charge nurse, luckily life rolls on as normal and have just bought a soul. In fact the poorer folk get the less healthy they get, I’m in! 😀


    Spending. I bought 2…yes 2….Deore middle rings for £15.84. Oh and a new XT chain for £16.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I will be, if I can get someone to buy my Trance frame and fork (hint)

    Then I’ll be looking at getting Fuel Ex or poss a Stumpy Pro. And by that I don’t mean a lady of the night selected to meet Brant’s ‘specialist’ tastes.


    For as long as i have a job, i’m better off than i was this time last year. The mortgage has gone way down, so ,yes, new bike this week.


    yup still spending, just got some nice shiny 09 Fox Van RLC QR15s,

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    After much deliberation I ordered an XBox360 yesterday, but had to plumb for the “pikey” Arcade version. Had some vouchers from work so cost £100 in the end. Should make me happier for a while.

    Just need to sneak the thing into place under the TV while the Mrs is swimming/Mums group lunching with the kids later.!!!

    I lashed out £13 to do a tubeless conversion a few weeks ago. That was probably the best £13 I’ve spent in a long time. Should have gone tubeless a long time ago.


    Kinda, in the fact that I’ve got to find a second house to live in while I work away from home for the next 5 months, gotta spend it initially but then I get it back fromt eh company so not too bad.

    Other than that, nope as I’m skintos


    Yeh still spending, new kitchen just ordered – great time to be doing stuff like this as there are great deals just now. Still buying bike related stuff too.

    Hob Nob

    Not spending on luxuries as such, we’re approaching the end of a house renovation so there are some outgoings there.

    Bikes are all working at the moment (bar a headset for mine) so no need for upgrades.

    Other than a summer biking holiday to the Alps & a few races, spending will be tempered to allow for the cool down/recovery period from the house work, which will be maybe 12-18 months.

    Well I have to confess that I haven’t stopped spending, I had a bonus this month for doing my target last year so I promptly went out and brought a Wii and wii fit and a blueray dvd. For sure I could have saved it but savings are worth bugger all at the moment. We aren’t really effected by the recession at the moment. My wife and I both work and have reasonably good jobs and we have seen our repayment mortgage go down saving quite a bit of money. As for job security I kind of think if I loose my job I’ll go and do something. Been there before (in the last recession) and I’ve no doubt I’ll be there again before I retire…. “Thats life” or as my son says “keep moving forward daddy” (I think thats from a movie the Robinsons)


    If we were all to stop spending then we will be really, really f*cked!
    I really do believe to a certain extent the medias prophecy of financial doom is a bit self fulfilling. I know loads of people are losing their jobs, i know a few here, but if we all stop spending we are all going down 😥
    I blame Robert Peston 🙄


    i recently bought some Vans but sold other forks which just about covered the new price oh and i bought two water bottle cages form wiggle for £8.

    that’s my spending done this year 😥


    Yes… I am about to fork out on SLX brakes and a wheelset. I must admit I wouldn’t be buying it if it wasn’t for the impending Shimano price increases though, was going to buy them as a birthday present for myself later this year.


    personally I am spending a lot less, as I am trying to zero my credit card, I think my job is pretty safe (my partners job is 100% safe, and she has an offer for another job with a 20% payrise)

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