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  • In praise of Lake Cycling
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    I ordered a pair of Lake shoes a few months back and after a week and a bit of trying to persuade myself that the size i ordered was correct i decided that they were to small, i got in touch and initiated the returns process. UPS collected and the shoes were on their way, well on their way to Stanford Le Hope for around 2 months.

    Overall it took over 2 months (18.05.2021 – 22.07.2021) to get the shoes back to Lake in Eindhoven. I had expected Lake to say sorry but it’s well over our 30 days returns policy, but to their credit they refunded the full cost. They got a nice email from me thanking them, i’d send biscuits or cake as a thanks but i’d be worried it may be out of date by the time it arrived.

    Thats it, a semi frustating but positive outcome to a Brexit ****up delay.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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