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  • meehaja

    Having just moved to a house without a basement, and bought a new bike I’m having some storage issues/ fiance issues..

    We have agreed to let me keep one bike in the lounge at all times (because I will anyway, even if it has a proper home), so that’ll be the commuter. Next up I’ve got the track bike, MTB, her bike and a ss MTB to put somewhere. Is it possible to get a hatchback type car rack for the wall that would hold a few bikes? I’ve got one of those pulley systems from aldi but it looks a bit fragile, and the on-one weighs a ton at least. I’ve got a shelf over the stairs that could support bak wheels if a hook held the front for balance, but will I be killed by bikes falling down the stairs?

    Come on people, you must all have this problem, share your soloutions! (and a shed is not a viable option, since anything left outside gets stolen (including my rusty old BBQ, the old kitchen sink and all my tea towels!)


    leave the bikes outside with tea towels.

    then they’ll choose the tea towels in preference to an on-one.

    choose a house with a basement or more downstairs rooms than you need?

    reasnobly neat solution is ceeling hooks screwed into the joists (have to locate them first). Would allow lots of bikes to be hung up in little space, but still requires a room to do it in.


    i have a similar problem so i got a couple of these
    fold up wall mount

    got mine from halfords for £9.99 does the trick for me in the cupboard and she can still get her bits in there.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Have a similar problem in my flat. If space is tight, the best solution is to use a big hook to mount the bike perpendicular to the wall. The hook just needs to clasp the front wheel, and needs to be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the bike. You can then mount a series of bikes in a line close together.

    A nicer version of a ‘hook’ is this mount, which does the same thing:

    I have four of these in a row in a narrow box room in my flat. One problem with it is that the eyelets of the rack are small, and can only take a long screw. My walls are a old and sketchy, and really need a hefty rawl plug to anchor things in – they’ve held so far though.


    2nd the wheel hooks…..

    ok, so (notwithstang crapy pic – acces limited…) the above is an external shed but, its the only space we have, just measured it and we’re talking 1.1mr sq x 2.4mtr tall.
    So, allocate the corner of a room maybe, screw a sheet of plywood onto the wall to avoid damage to yours / your landlords wall, paint it same colour as the room and it will all but disappear, though the tyre marks won’t….. 🙄

    edit – jet wash, watering cans and other gardening accessories are optional extras that you probably won’t need 😀


    do you have any understairs storage? – in one house i changed the access point so could get bikes under the stairs easily


    I’ve got a Topeak TwoUpTuneUp with an extra bracket so it’ll hold 3 bikes. I have two at head height then use the lower bracket as a rudimentary work stand. It’s ok for that, but doesn’t clamp the top tube so you can’t **** anything too hard. I like it, but it was very expensive so I guess I have to! Here’s a pic (hopefully):

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