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  • Looking for some in-ear headphones for use at work. Traditionally not been keen on them as compared to proper enclosed ones the sound was a bit gash…

    Been told that the beats by dr dre ones are pretty decent though – anything else worth looking at?


    I’ve just bought some Pioneer SE-CL21M-J-K from Amazon to replace my old Sennheiser CX300s. I prefer the sound from the Pioneers but you’ve got to like bass – when I turn them up my skull feels like a subwoofer.

    I wouldn’t listen to them at that volume for any length of time anyway but if I did, the bass would get on my nerves after a while. At lower volumes they’re much better balanced.

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    Skullcandy headphones are far better than they’ve any right to be. If you can ignore the fact that they look like they’ve been designed for BMX riders, they’re really good.


    Pass by the Dre Beats. Don’t get me wrong, they have a nice sound to them (for certain types of music), but are only good if you aren’t moving about. They fall out of your ears very easily & any vibrations are easily transmitted up through those flat cables.
    Ultimate Ears are well worth a look in though.


    i use skull candy for bigger extrenal headphones for internal i use panasonic(dont no the code)ones that hook over the back of your ear and never fall out.


    I’m a bit of an earbud geek, though I wouldn’t pay over £150 because I loose them.

    I have owned Bose, Shure, Sennheiser Sony, Apple (the expensive ones), V-Moda and etymotic

    Best bang for buck is the Sennheiser CX300, which you can get on ebay for £10; the Sonys (71 somethingorothers) are great general everything ‘buds but I have settled on the Etymotic Hf2- Not great bass, but incredibly precise.

    I had warranty problems with the V-Modas and my last etymotics which they replaced (without asking for the originals back) for a set with a different plug design. I franken-hacked the old ones onto an iPhone earbud jack and microphone FTW

    Avoid all Apple ones like the plague. They only fit a 5th percentile of humans.

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    I used some cheapies (cost, say £10), which weren’t bad, but eventually the cabling cracked, which then broke the signal wires.

    I have some Shure E2C, although I’ve never really been that impressed with them, and in spite of limited and careful use (and an extended period of non-use), they too have an intermittent connection problem.

    I’m going to go back down the cheap route and operate on a replacement basis.

    Cheers dudes, I’ll have a look into some of those.

    When it comes to ebay, I was assuming most of the good deals were fakes? The Beats on ebay just seemed too cheap compared to the shops, is that a sensible assumption to make?


    A friend has both the beats and the big headphones by Dr Dre, they do sound incredible but feel surprisingly cheap. I have some dead cheap (£7) sony’s that stay in and sound alright.

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    Love my Skull Candy ones:

    Lasted me a year of daily use so far, stuffed in my coat pocket or bag unprotected when not using them. Loads of styles/colours wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

    Get some proper ones made best investment for your ears and love of music.


    Fitted with these:
    I’ve been wearing Ultimate Ears canalphones for the last nineteen months, and they are very comfortable, have excellent sound, but there are issues with the SuperFi and MetroFi models where the wires at the plug break when you carry a phone or pod in your pocket causing the wires to bend sharply and stress fracture. The big advantage with the ones ^^ is that the cables unplug and can be easily replaced, either with a regular cable, or one with a mic and remote for use with a Blackberry, iPhone or iPod Touch. I work with very noisy folding machines folding many thousands of letters, and my UE’s are very effective at noise cancelling. The eartips shown fit much deeper into the ear canal so block more noise and the music gets delivered closer to the eardrum. The other suggestion that UE recommend that the cables loop up over the top of the ear, and the Studios have a wire reinforced section that holds the shape over the ear. It makes a huge difference when the cable snags, stopping the earpiece being yanked out of the ear. Denon do some very good ‘phones in the same price range which I’ve tried and have excellent sound, and you can use the same eartips on them as well. If you can afford them, custom eartips are the absolute mutts, but they ain’t cheap, around £90, and they’re a bugger to get out quickly, but are super comfortable. I’ve got some on an older pair of Etymotic ER6i’s.

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    I’ve got some cx500s which are nice, but what really made the difference were these Comply earbuds

    Ultimate Ears custom fit. Pricey, but so comfy. Replaceable cables if you mangle them.

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    I’ve got some Creative EP-630’s or something like that. Theres a place on ebay in the uk that sells them for about 3 quid. Im on my second pair as I got the old ones really wet and alhough they still work the sound isnt as good as new,so I use them on the bike.

    There cheap but they work decent enough for me, sound better than my mates skull candies in my opinion.


    I would third the Skull Candy ones. I have some Titans and am very impressed the quality of the build is stunning. Sound is a personal thing but I like the way they make my music sound. The inline remote is very handy too.

    £20 @ Amazon you cant go wrong!

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