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  • I like my sennheiser i300s, although the in-line remote is kinda heavy and occasionally pulls the left headphone out my ear. Also do the weird thing where the right headphone is on a longer cable and designed to go behind your head.

    Good crisp sound though, light, and sound nicely balanced.

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    I’m after some new decent in ear headphones.

    I have some Sennheiser/addidas round the back jobby ones for sports but I want some good in ear ones just for listening to music on the train/plane etc.

    Really just want best possible sound for upto maybe £80ish!? Had some sennheiser in ear jobby ones but I was getting a bit of a noise of the cables rubbing on each other/my clothes coming in that was annoying.

    So what’s out there? Bose Ie2 were on my radar if I can get them at the right price!


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    Had some similar to them before but I think it was the earbud that created the rubbing kind of sound, did you get any of that!?

    Shure SE215’s-spend a bit of effort getting the fit right & you won’t be disappointed. They don’t immediately sound “impressive” but you soon realise they are very detailed with superb bass but without being fatiguing. They do however block out everything so be aware you won’t hear much going on around you. You can also get a remote volume control for them which is pretty handy. £75 at the headphone company +£15 for the volume control.


    end of thread !


    Thread re-opened!

    Get some RHA-MA450i ,got some of there headphones and very good for the money.
    Think all the reviews of the above are very favourable too.

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    I have some of these: Soundmagic E10s

    They’re superb. I’m no audiophile but they sound very clear, and the bass is loud without being distorted. They’re comfortable, and they block out all other external sound (which can be a bit odd when eating as you hear every bite). And they’re only £40.


    As I pointed out in the other thread, it’s the cables breaking that is a major issue with many ‘phones, so the Shures win by having replaceable cables. As reluctantwrinkly said, the sound quality is superb, but it’s worth pointing out that many earphones ‘burn-in’ over time, so a rather light bass will usually turn into a really deep, solid bass.
    The Mee Electronics M6 ‘phones I talked about are very noticeable in this respect. When I first got mine I was reasonably impressed, but they were cheap, and I wasn’t that bothered. After a few hours, though, I noticed the bass getting deeper and deeper, and now the bass is almost too much!
    The SE215’s are really well balanced, sound-wise, and really lovely to wear for long periods. Best to use the triple-flange eartips for best results.


    SE215s are excellent, and Shure’s warranty is very good – which may be useful if they go pop (Shures always used to).
    Etymotic hf5s are also good – less bass, and huge amounts of detail, almost clinical in their sound.

    As above, getting a good seal is the way forward; Shures come with a great selection of tips to get the best fit on your ear


    I’ve had two pairs of RHA’s, sounded great but the first set died within 6 months (grills blew and one bud fell apart), warranty replacement was easy though. Second pair damaged the cable getting it caught on a hand rail on a bus.

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