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  • In broad daylight!!?!!?!!!?
  • Janesy

    I’ve just bought a new exposure flare and will ride this during the day. Especialy and the days are getting duller.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    3. It’s not a ‘disembodied’ source of light, because it’s in broad daylight, so they can see me, right behind the light.

    Ah, well then we agree:

    flashing light in the day makes sense to me, bright as you like since drivers’ eyes are adjusted to the daylight so won’t be dazzled
    Once it has got their attention they can also see what you are and where you are because of the daylight

    What are you going to use when it gets dark for your commute ?


    I used to live in Cardiff and comute to work, I had so many close calls with Cars I tried allsorts the best result I had day and night was lights. but being static light didnt make much difference, strobing lights worked a lot better. but at the end of the day you’ll always come accross an idiot that doesnt care and will take you out.

    Premier Icon bails

    Scaredypants: I always use a steady light front and rear if it’s dark. With a secondary rear light on flash, and a small (Knog Frog) flashing front light on my helmet.

    I’ve got a dynamo light, the new Exposure Revo, and I lust leave it turned on all the time. Why would I want to make myself less visible to traffic? I never used to do this with battery light though as I was forever running out of burn time! I’m sure I get noticed more and have fewer near misses or need to brake as pedestrians and other road users see me rather than pulling out in front of me as they’ve not looked properly and not really noticed a cyclist

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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