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  • thomthumb

    just bought a front mech for a bike i don’t yet own & am going to set up 1×9.

    need to have a word with myself!

    Premier Icon momo

    I bought some winter boots this morning just in time for the spring, I’m justifying it to myself by the fact that they were heavily discounted!


    I’m always buying – the wife said fine if she can continue to go to bingo! I’m only 35 and she is 28! haha. 😯

    Time flies, I know that – but still…

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Sunn B-Mix. Its a long story….


    Nothing to see here. Step away from my new Cannondale. Nothing to see here.

    that’ll be the very nicely specced yeti dj in my garage then, bought to, err, follow my lad around the local bmx track!


    Chip shop curry Ragley Troof and Marzocchi RC3 Ti forks… and that was this month!!!

    Very glad I did though.


    Who? Me? 😳

    I’m giving them up for Lent.


    picking up a Dialled bmx cruiser frame tonight, not exactly sure what I’m gonna do with it once its built yet….

    Premier Icon flange

    Onza Limey trials bike. Which i paid a fortune for….


    I wouldnt know where to start, lately bikes have cost me more per mile than my car 😳


    Prince Albert 853….. I’m avoiding adding-up the total build cost: I have a feeling that it’s going to be approaching what my full-susser cost me 😯

    Premier Icon gamo

    Reverb, glad i did.


    Marzocchi forks off Ebay…didn’t really want them, certainly didn’t need them…but a speculative bid with a few pints down me and hey ho, an hour later I’m 300 quid poorer…


    Premier Icon Trekster

    6 berth caravan is being considered, just in from viewing 😕

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Impulse buy? What me? Never! *

    Apart from the Nicolai Helius frame (spotted and bought off Here within 24 hours), which meant I needed to swap my lyriks for shorter forks, leading to a new wheel set. Oh and a different seat post, which made the seat look tatty. The new seat needed to match the grips obviously…….

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Just bought a cross bike. Wasn’t strictly impulse, I did leave the shop and have to go back 2 days later to buy it. No idea what to do with it.

    But I seem to make good calls on impulse, it’s only when I’ve got time to think that I do something moronic.

    Premier Icon jonke


    Seriously I’m getting worried.

    I heard that bike shop in Fleet was shutting down and thought I would take a look. 650 quid later on just bits and bobs…..

    Trekster, if you’re considering it its not an impulse. My biggest impulse was popping into motorbike dealer to browse gloves, and coming out with a new 600 Ninja…


    My Dad popped into Halfords to buy a tube of touch up paint and came out with a Carerra Fury (40% off) forgot the paint though.

    I brought some anodised presta valve caps as I liked the colour, I run Schrader though. One day they will come in use.


    Being ill last week didn’t help, as a new Norco frame appeared in the garage at the weekend,

    Now it’s built 🙂


    Went round a few bike shop on Saturday with a mate as something to do in between drinking. I came back with a half price helmet, he came back with a Trek Fuel ex 9 and some new shoes.


    I just walked in my LBS and rode out on a 19lb SS Tranny….
    Then I woke up.
    Bloody Eddie Izzard.
    3miles an hour.

    What on earth is disposable income?

    Premier Icon aracer

    My impulse purchases have at least got relatively cheaper – I’m offering to buy a new uni for the grand total of £90 (and got my eye on a brand new one for £135).


    Bought a sandman gobi off here cause i fancied a fat bike and just as i had that thought up popped the gobi…

    Most fun i ever had on a bike ! Cant wait to get it back in my shed !


    Winter boots of ebay – they were a bargain but the cleats weren’t
    Jimi wallets in sale
    Computer for commuter – come on, it’s 9.5 miles each way!

    Then there is Son1’s bike… and bits
    And Wife’s dutch roadster that I have put more miles on today than she has since Christmas
    And… and…

    I have been mysteriously run over by various bike shops this week. Managed to get out unscathed today though – which is an improvement.


    jeff jones frame and fork, the very antithesis of my weight weenie ways.

    my first 29er inbred – that led to a whole world of pain and expense over the years with many different 29ers

    ellsworth epiphany

    sinister splinter

    I really have piss poor impulse control


    Sunday night after a few lagers I bought a 456 frame.

    Then forks, wheels, and shifters.

    Close call as i Almost bought a full xt groupset off merlin….


    I baught a barn old farm in France that I viewed once(I was on a house hunting trip though) But the house only pooped up un my one but last day viewed it on the last day rather briefly. Had to dash to get to the plane but then put an offer in whilst on a ships on its way to russia Just cos the weather is better for riding and its quite rural. Now busy draining all my savings to do it up and a year of work(day job) to make the work(renovating) mangable.


    Damn good thread makes me feel better, amongst friends and also needing help….Decided to get back into biking after a good few years off and managed to go through something like 14 complete bikes or frames in less than one year 3 On one’s , Trek top fuel, a single speed road bike which I rode once, a BMX ( what the F was I thinking I am 41 and never had a BMX before, I do now) even bough the misses a trek which she nevers rides 🙁 and so many parts. The girlfriend started saying “what you doing today , bikeish things?” and she is right most of the time. But I am hitting the trails most weeks and doing some darkside road work too.

    Anybody got a cure for this ?

    Premier Icon Bregante

    managed to go through something like 14 complete bikes or frames in less than one year



    Just bought a blue pig x frame off crc, no need for it as I already have two bikes. Now I have to get a new confusing headset and a new seat post, etc ……

    Premier Icon HansRey

    impulse purchases… still deciding whether to get a cotic bfe after 3weeks of ‘deciding’.


    Kona Humu.
    Butcher’s Bike.

    Damn you ebay….


    Damn you ebay….

    ebay plus beer, the only time you need a robotic cat for £380.00

    Phew….. It’s not just me then!


    Took my Anthem in for a warranty job back in December and ended up walking out with a XTC 29er Composite1 as well.

    Won’t then mention the fact it also ‘needed’ a set of Avid X0 brakes and carbon bars, as well as a Giant dropper seatpost for the anthem.


    HansRey – Member
    impulse purchases… still deciding whether to get a cotic bfe after 3weeks of ‘deciding’.

    Do it, I sold my lovely camera gear so I could buy a BFe. The BFe is fantastic I am having so much fun on it. Its in the top tow of hardtails that I have ridden. I’m just not sure which way round the two are at the moment.

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