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  • Import duty and tax how much?
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    If I buy some bike parts from the USA for £1500 how much extra will the duty and import tax set me back?

    The supplier won’t put anything like warranty replacement or gift on the paperwork, but I can’t get them from anywhere else 🙁


    If the £1500 includes postage then a bit over £300.


    I believe it to be 15% vat plus 17.5% import duty,plus a handling charge.


    think duty on parts is 4%

    as said the other day – just trying to sus the search function!

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    should be FAQ google TARIC database – this give you commodity codes and tarriff rates -its a good idea to have the supplier code the invoice with the commodity code otherwise the clearing agent (courier co’0 may guess it -you can get lucky or very unlucky

    prepare to be corrected but goes like this

    parts cost plus shipping to uk sum then add duty at this point 4% on parts, add vat 15% then add shipping co’s handling/clearance fee anywhere £10-£40

    plenty of peeps go for having marked up as a gift or warranty rturn or lower value – if can persuade shipper and you can accept risk if gets lost

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    Cheers Simon, that’s what I thought but I was just double checking


    bought a seatpost recently for $100 posted and the fee at this end was £23

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    I suppose the £23 was manly the shipping companies handling/clearance fees, wasn’t it?

    And this would be the same on most things what ever the price I guess.


    When the pound was strong last year, I rang a NY bike shop, he told me plenty of Brits ordered their new bikes, flew over, picked up the bikes, put them in a bike bag and flew back again, duty free (not declared) and still cheaper than buying here even with the flights!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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