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  • Import duties on warranty replacements from the USA
  • Hob Nob

    You have to pay it, as Parcelforce generally pays it on your behalf.

    You can then submit a claim to get it back from HMRC


    As title really, anyone know if duties apply to warranty replacements for the EU, I cant seem to find any information anywhere!!!!



    I shipped my out of warranty turner sixpack frame back to turner for a frame repair & refurb & didn’t get charged any tax/duties. Maybe I was just lucky.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    EU or USA? You’ve got one in the Op and the other in the title.


    I imagine keeping the records/paperwork showing you sent it out the UK in the first place would help if you need proof point of origin was UK.

    I also sent a frame for a repair to the states and wasn’t charged. Might have just been lucky.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    There shouldn’t be any duty to pay on a warranty replacement.

    Hob Nob

    No there shouldn’t but it’s a known tax/duty avoidance technique, mark a parcel as ‘warranty replacement’ to avoid it.

    Hence why when Parcelforce pay it on your behalf, you have to pay them to release the parcel & then you can submit a claim to get the money refunded.

    This applies to non EU countries. There may be example where people have slipped through, but in general, this is how it’s supposed to work…

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    Yep you have to pay it then try and claim it back if it’s a replacement.
    You’ll need all your original paperwork to show you’ve already paid.
    If it’s a repair you shouldn’t have to pay.


    Parcel force don’t actually have any legal right to “pay on your behalf”
    Loads of threads over on Airsoft forums about this and how to prevent it.

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    I had to send back a set of non-fitting cranks and got some tyres in exchange. I didn’t have to pay any duty on the tyres.


    as said marking invoices as “warranty returns” or “samples no value” etc is a popular tax/duty avoidance ruse so whoever “enters” the import will usually ignore – only way to get it coded as no vat/no duty is to email copy your original purchase invoice and vat/duty payment copy to whoever is doing the shipping invoice – proper commercial invoices in triplicate not a few boxes on dhl’s paperwork and have them state in big letters across it “Replacement under warranty – see attached” – it might just work depends on how the agent decides to enter it

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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