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  • danbo

    Ive had my current pair for 18 months. Ride 1-2 times per week. Had to re-glue the sole a couple of months ago when it started coming away but still going strong

    I really like them. The new 2018 version does look good tho

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Had some since xmas. Definite groove getting cut where they sit on the outside of the pedal. Probably need filling with glue soon.
    The rest of the shoe is great & really comfy. Local camping store has Stealth rubber resole kits, which I might look into.


    Thanks for real world replies.
    I might get some and some industrial glue 😆


    My Shimano flats have finally died…
    I can get a decent price for some impact vxi shoes, but I’ve heard bad stuff about how long they last.
    Any one got long term experience of them?


    I’ve had x2 pairs.

    1st pairs lasted 6 months, sole issue as discussed above, emailed five ten who asked me to send them back. Got replaced and second pair have lasted 12 months and will easy last a further 6 months.

    I wear them quite often so was happy with service and 2 pairs for price of one.

    Soles on this style has the Grippier rubber and is softer, I think the new style has gone back to the older material.


    Loving my pair, so much grip!! Did take a few rides to get them bedded in though. They’ve lasted as long as my previous AM41’s (4 pairs, all wore out the sole in 9 months) did and still have plenty of mileage left in them.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    One week of Alpine riding and a few uplift day and my vxi impacts have holes in them and have started to delamintate.
    Just had a pair of freeride contacts* resoled at Chesire Shoe Repairs with the older C4 dotty rubber and they seem to be fairing a bit better.

    *They were even worse than the vxi’s.


    Mine lasted about a year, pins wore a hole in the sole, actually could say 6 months as I used them through the summer with the sole of holes! Also the sole is too soft and squirmy.

    Get the impact pros, a million times better in every way!

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Impact pro? Are they new? Can’t find them.

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