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  • I'm sorry, I was wrong.
  • nickhart

    There I’ve said it. For years now I have been blathering on about a turner highline being a perfectly good all day do it all bike. I guess part of the reason being that it was my only offroad bike so it had to be!
    I’ve now built a second hand frame up into a five and five all mountain thing which I rode for the first time the other day.
    Oh how wrong I’ve been, lively and flighty and lovely on the climbs, I felt fitter than I have done for the last few years even though I was starting with a chest infection. A real revelation.
    There said.
    Having said all that the highline is mega good fun going down stuff and I love the point and shoot nature of its suspension, that is a real hoot. So I’m now a jammy bit with two full sus bikes.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Yep. Worked that one out a few years ago. Stopped trying to haul SX trials and the likes round XC ride. Totems have no place on an XC ride


    I’ve reread that a few times and I can’t make head nor tail of it.

    Can someone translate?

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    New bike syndrome, basically.


    So you were wrong in order to validate your decision to buy something else? 😉

    Have you put a timeline on how long you’ll be in denial this time?


    scott, i have a BIG bouncy bike, i thought it was the dogs cos it was me only bike.
    i now have a lighter bike with more modern geometry and i now find i’m fitter/faster/more capable up hill than i was.
    bwd, maybe.
    jota, i wasn’t wrong i just didn’t know any better. it was a financially driven decision too, i could afford one bouncy bike but nothing else, a danger of working in the bike industry!
    now i have a proper job as well i can afford something newer, ish.
    scott, hope that makes sense.


    Have you put a timeline on how long you’ll be in denial this time?

    Class! Absolutely spot on . . . for me anyway 😆 New bikes rock!

    Herman Shake

    Stick up a pic then!


    Alright Nick, what you bought then? You coming out for a spin sometime eh?


    hey up andy, maybe but need to get rid of a chest infection then find some fitness from somewhere. how you doing?


    oh sorry for all the tech geeks out there
    rs revelation 150 travel
    hope hoops, mavic rims
    high roller 2
    slx chainset
    xt discs
    i beam saddle and post
    slx rear mech xt front (i think)
    shimano discs
    hope stem
    easton havoc or haven bars
    peaty grips
    xt shifters
    lx spds
    turner rfx circa 2006 with shorter rockers on giving roughly five and a bit out back through a fox rp3 shock
    i like it.


    Looking nice, still got a thing for turners eh ;-). Let us know if you fancy a spin anytime, not fast rides at the moment.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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