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  • I’m off to the LBS to buy a STW
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    Ooh, exciting times as we’ll all be able to buy STW in our local emporiums of all things cycling very shortly.

    Full story –

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    Nice one.

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    My Full Member is on display. So you know I get it dropped through my box.

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    Not just yet. It all starts with the next issue.

    I am pretty pleased with myself. Its great to do a deal that looks after ST, whilst giving people another great reason to support their LBS.

    I used to work in the corporate world (I made the LV= car insurance adverts once) before being “Charlie The Bikemonger”… The corporate life could be grim, and bike shop life was great but bloody tough at times ….  and so I find myself in a really wonderful place. Sorting out corporate style stuff like this Madison deal, but within the super friendly working cuddle that is Singletrack, who are the nicest bunch of people you could ever meet, or work with. It’s rather odd, and lovely.

    How pleased am I. It’s 4:15 and I am opening a bottle of Henry Westons, and going to have a celebratory cuddle with the dog.

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    This seems like a great idea. Really hope it’s a success

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    “Bike shops will now be the only place to see a new copy of Singletrack and we’d much rather give the generous magazine margins to the bike trade

    expect LBS owners rush to the nearest Ferrari dealer

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    There’s a magazine?!!

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    There’s a magazine?!?!

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    My Full Member is on display

    Dirty Dez, put it away.

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    I’m going to take a long look at it in my LBS, and probably spend a good deal of time asking the staff all about it, before making my excuses, heading home and ordering it online.

    Then, once it’s arrived I’ll head back to the bikeshop and ask them to swap it for MBUK because STW just doesn’t suit me.

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