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  • I'm not fat but I keep breaking saddles!
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    I’ve gone through three fizik gobi saddles in the last two years, I even bought the carbon shell one last time thinking it would be stronger. Every time the shell cracks in the middle and it goes saggy. Am I sitting on them wrong??

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    Buy a different saddle, had lots of these brought back. Can usually get a warranty replacement if they aren’t that old though

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    I got a a warranty replacement Gobi earlier this year after the bottom of mine cracked, and I’m not that heavy (12stone).
    I just emailed Fizik, sent them a picture and they sent me a new seat, Simples

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    Cheers wiggles/ jonnhy m, hadn’t thought of warrenty!

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    Am I sitting on them wrong??


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    Hi. I’ve broken a few saddles on my hardtail.There’s various variables involved, weight with riding style,stiff unforgiving frame, air volume in rear tyre,weak rails,fault in saddle.But I’d say if they keep braking in same place, it’s time to change to a different saddle. I broke one with titanium rails due to poor position and outside influence, two iodine2 saddles due to all variables except outside influence, plus i use a one bolt seat post which can cause problems.iodine2 is a really comfortable saddle, so sorted most of the variables and third iodine2 is holding up just , but changed to Funn saddle with 8mm rails on my softtail, holding up really well, and very comfortable. Got it on my hardtail at moment, with no problems whatsoever.I’ve read that Madison flux and Fabric scoop radius elite saddles are very comfortable, durable and don’t cost much. I realised pretty quickly that it’s worth buying saddles that are low cost but with good reviews, when you keep breaking them. Hope this helps.

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    Is this like “I’m not racist but….”?

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