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  • im new to riding
  • hi all

    im new to riding and have just got a specialized hardrock sport for £300

    If any1 has got out they dont want and is willing to give away or and tips for me to improve my riding I will be happy to listen


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    best way to improve your riding is to ride more – and it’s fun too 🙂

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    Get some spd clips!


    Lean back – duhduhduduh lean back – Eg put your weight far back when your’e descending, alot of the time in corners, and very importantly. Look at where you want to go… That probably makes no sense to anyone except me.


    find people to ride with, you will improve faster.

    not always true – if you lean back when cornering you lose a lot of front wheel traction

    but when im gong round corners down hill how do i make sure that i dont go out and over the corners or catch my feet on the sides and go head over tail

    Try & think about what you are riding when you are riding it,unlike me who spends most of the time thinking about whether or not I left the iron/oven/fire on.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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