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  • I’m guessing my 900 lumen torch has been bettered as a night ride light?
  • Premier Icon gavtheoldskater
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    Joking asides, though that 900 lumen 18650 torch that maybe 10 years ago was an utter revelation, can anyone recommend the latest, cheapest and brightest handle bar mounted off road light please?

    I do have a 5 year old solar storm, 27quid, so wondering if I can now do better.

    Premier Icon DickBarton
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    Nope…I’m happily charging round on a 900 lumen light…works brilliantly and doesn’t flare the area being lit.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    I thought my 700 lumen 1st gen Lupine Wilma was as much light as you’d ever need. Although not ridden at night for years and have the Lupine away on here a few years back (IIRC someone had had all their kit stolen).

    Premier Icon molgrips
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    Halfords 1000lm. Don’t get the 1600, it’s more expensive, heavier and not any brighter, just seems to have a wider angle.

    Premier Icon argee
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    Pah, 900 lumens, bloody luxury, i’m still using my old vistalite nightsticks, still getting at least 10 minutes out of each battery as well!

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    The head light/torch I’m using is a Sofirn IF25A. About £30 on aliexpress or £48 on Amazon. Worth getting a spare battery – 21700 battery used. Works well , but a battery swap at half time really helps.

    Just got this – Sofirn Q8pro china light arrived in 8 days. Silly bright for 1 minute, then ramps down. Switches up/down power + turbo for the headline 10 snillion lumens…. Built in charger. Added camera mount & gpro bar clamp. The only downside (so far) is the weight – 600g on yer bars. £54 in a sale, or £99 on amazon uk.
    Q8 pro light

    Premier Icon richmtb
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    £27 for 2400 Lumens?

    No idea if its any good, but price and claimed output seem good.

    If you want something with a bit more provenance then CRC have a bunch a Lezyne lights on sale. I have a 1600xxl and its a pretty decent light.

    Premier Icon kendonagasaki
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    I have the Halfords 1600 on the bars and the 500 as a helmet light. All good so far.

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