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  • Markie

    Cornwall, in the crashing waves!

    Im at home in Snowdonia, about to ride my bike in the quarries above Llanberis. Its stopped rainimg and clearing now from the west!


    Wye valley for us. Little bit of rain on the campsite but so far the water has stayed outside the tent.


    Breakfast in the pub with the rugby. Same again tomorrow

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Sat in the uni library reading about culture change in organisations.
    Enjoyed watching the rugby with my dad this morning, but a pint or two would have helped my nerves more!
    Hopefully actually out on my MTB for the first time in a while tomorrow. Stupid masters degree ruining my fun


    Looking after Micro Sims who wants a new design of train track every 10 minutes and has refused to eat anything but bananas and chocolate all day. Not even a cheese filled croisant or hob nob swayed him. I am not looking forward to this evenings nappy change.

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Who cares I’m drinking Purity Ubu!!

    Pure Ubu? Fine pint, that, frequent visitor to my regular pub’s pumps.
    Probably not on tonight, there’s a Marsdons called ‘samurai…’ something or other, and Otter brewery ‘Witch’, which proved to be very palatable last night.

    Premier Icon riklegge

    Apollo Manchester watching Tim Minchin, awesome as ever.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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