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  • I'm after a good read – Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Horror & Crime genres.
  • Premier Icon kimbers

    a man with taste !
    alistair Reynolds revelation space series dark hard scifi
    Dan simmonds illium is awesome too not so dark still scifi
    China mievilles perdido street station would probably ne right up your alley dark steampunkish fantasy
    fantasy wise George rr martins game of thrones kicks ass – hbo series better do it justice ! and be as brutal
    Ian m banks culture novels are superb space opera

    cormac macarthy -start with no country for old men

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Death’s Head by David Gunn

    Stan Nichol series on the Orcs – sort of Lord of the Rings from the Orcs viewpoint. Good fun.

    Or for old SF, anything by Eric Frank Russell for some lighter reading.


    Elizabeth moon vattas war / Serranos legacy series is decent SF

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Bit leftfield but, I think you might like the Felix Castor novels by Mike Carey.

    Sorta hardboiled noir detective stories, except the protagonist isn’t a detective, he’s an exorcist.

    They’re not hugely highbrow, but they’re a lot of fun.


    I’m currently off work with an injury and am busying myself reading but am drying up of decent material.

    What’s worth a read? I’m looking for recommendations in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Horror and Crime genres.

    In terms of Sci-Fi I’m into stuff like the Takeshi Kovacs saga by Richard Morgan. Fantasy/Horror wise I’ve previously enjoyed Michael Moorcock’s ‘Elric’ sequence of Eternal Champion novels and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos tales. As far as Crime goes I’m into anything by James Ellroy, Jim Thompson etc.

    Essentially I’m after anything dark, gritty, noir-ish in any of those categories.


    For sci-fi, I’ve always enjoyed the Iain M Banks books, especially the Culture-based ones. Basically, humans/humanoids 20,000 years down the line and after the AI singularity. In a similar vein are the Isaac Asimov Foundation series.
    Neuromancer by William Gibson is always worth a shot too.

    Also, kind of in the crime section, but purely because of the way it’s written rather than the content, maybe try the New York Trilogy, by Paul Auster.
    I can’t quite put my finger on why I liked the book(s) so much, but I did.


    Fantasy/horror and crime? You are clearly a bit detached from the world, a bit twisted and likely murder someone and cut them into little pieces or sew them together to make one lone centipede. Why not try something like a nice Lesley Pearce instead? Good for the soul and will bring a tear to your eye. Some of them even have rude bits in them!!

    Premier Icon EdwardH

    Joe Abercrombie is good, sort of norse / medievel full of dark and often nasty characters, where things dont always turn out for the best. Best Served Cold can be read on its own, though some of the plot lines make a bit more sence if read after The First Law trilogy.

    I would also second anything by Alistair Reynolds and Iain M Banks


    Brian Lumleys Necroscope series (but just the first five books)

    Premier Icon househusband

    Another vote for Jo Abercrombie, and may I suggest Jo Nesbo for crime thrillers.

    Premier Icon funkynick

    For dark and gritty sci-fi I’d be looking at some of the Cyberpunk authors… William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Bruce Sterling…

    For a bit more of the noir side of things I’d suggest Phillip K. Dick… his ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ is what become the film Bladerunner. He wrote a huge number of books so should keep you going for some time there…

    Iain M. Banks for pure sci-fi… but just remember to go for the ones with the M in his name… he also writes ‘normal’ fiction as just Iain Banks, which is bloody good too by the way.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    On the crime front try the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connely.

    Premier Icon Del

    although i read a few of reynolds’ books i just didn’t care about his characters very much.
    banks is a favourite of mine as well though.

    Really …….just dump the Sci fi/fantasy/speculative fiction or whatever the hell it’s called this week, Work your way through the Jim Thomson and James Ellroy you ain’t already read. Jo Nesbo is kind of ok, but can suffer from very leaden translations and really blindingly obvious plot arcs, so be careful when you pick one up .

    If you like Ellroy and Thomson, try Raymond Chandler,James M Cain, David Goodis, Ken Bruen, Horace McCoy, Kenneth Fearing( his “The Big Clock” is a great read in any genre) Otto Penzler and of course Henning Mankel if you haven’t already. If you’re really keen, try Don Delilo’s Underworld.

    Premier Icon vondally

    tad williams war of the flowers
    china melville
    neil gaiman American Gods…………sorry a must read
    David Gemmell…..druss the legend
    Moorcock…………..castle brass/hawkmoon
    HG Wells……………time machine/the island of dr moreau
    Joe abercrombie…………..brilliant one of the great characters of any genre
    Peter Hamiltion…. oh forgot the name now
    Iain Banks…….all intresting
    Clive Barker…………Weave world


    Arnaldur Indridason / Inspector Erlendur stories

    Petros Markaris / Inspector Costas Haritos stories


    Classic SF – Nivens known space series.


    +1 for Iain Banks, although not sure on his later stuff.
    +1 New York Trilogy Paul Auster

    Have you read Peace and War Trilogy by Joe Haldeman? I’m not a massive sci-fi fan but thought that was excellent.

    Try these for inspiration Top 100 sci fi
    SF masterworks


    The song of Phaid the gambler – Mick Farren
    Stephen King’s earlier stuff
    Owt by Philp K Dick (esp Citizen of the galaxy)
    The Hell Candidate – Luke Thomas (Graham Masterton)
    James Hadley Chase for excitment
    Owt by James Lee Burke

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Read the rest of Moorcocks “Eternal Champion” series, plenty to keep you doing there.

    Also, Clive Barker’s “Great and Secret Show”. His “Books of Blood” volumes I to VI are worth a read too.

    Neil Gaiman for “Neverwhere”, “American Gods” and the “Anansi Boys”. “Neverwhere” is a must read.

    There’s a few weeks worth right there!

    The Fopster

    If you want a truly great crime fiction book I’d recommend going back to the greatest – Raymond Chandler. Any of the Philip Marlowe books are worth reading. Just re-read them all, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Genius – all crime fiction owes him a debt.


    Thanks very much – some excellent suggestions there.

    China Miéville has at times piqued my interest but I suspect his works might just a bit too weird even for me.

    I’ve read a number of the other authors mentioned such as Lumley, Gibson, Banks.

    Having done a little research this morning I must say that I like the look of Joe Abercrombie, Alistair Reynolds and Neil Gaiman (I love graphic novels and have encountered Gaiman in that sphere but never got round to reading any of his novels). Ken Bruen seems appealing as well.


    ron jeremy

    Going a bit leftfield here, can i suggest Pratchett and the Discworld series of novels, I think they cover all the above bases over the course of the series.


    China Mieville again here, though The Scar would be my preference to Perdido Street Station.


    I’ve just read Dune again.
    Brilliant book, way ahead of its time


    Poul Anderson – There will be time
    +1 Clive Barker – Weaveworld
    Larry Niven – Ringworld / Known space
    Anne McCaffrey SF / Fantasy – its all quite good.
    Robert Heinlein – Starship Troopers (forget the film, only thing it shares is the title!)
    Bob Shaw – Orbitsville, etc
    Patrick Robinson – Nimitz class (more of a thriller, but very enjoyable)
    Arthur C Clarke – worth a trip to the library and see what they have
    Douglas Adams – Hitchikers guide
    Stephen Donaldson – The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Unbeliever.

    Premier Icon vondally

    peter hamilton judas unchained

    mary gentle ash (* really really good)

    Stan nicholason ORCS! (funny and pleasing)

    Gemmel Jon Shannow books

    Clifford Simak City


    Another vote for Alastair Reynolds and the Revelation Space series. Chasm City was a personal favorite.

    I’m assuming you have read Market Forces by Richard Morgan?

    Iain Banks has done some great sci-fi stuff. Even his non sci-fi stuff is brilliant. I read The Wasp Factory a few years back and it was great, a good mix of humour and plain wierdness.


    I’m currently reading my way through Neal Asher’s books – scifi set with human race run benevolantly by AIs. Well worth a go


    George rr martins game of thrones kicks ass

    I wish he’d hurry up and finish the next one though!


    +1 to:

    Ian M Banks (mainly the culture novels but some of the others are good too)
    Alistair Reynolds



    As a result of researching your recommendations I’ve just ordered from Amazon the following –

    “A Game of Thrones” – George R. R. Martin
    “The Blade Itself” – Joe Abercrombie
    “Revelation Space” – Alastair Reynolds

    I’m grateful, thanks all.

    The Fopster

    No one else feeling the love for Raymond Chandler? I must be getting old.

    Premier Icon vondally

    tell us how you liked them!
    Rayond chandler
    elmore leonard
    damon runyon
    agatha christie

    great stuff


    Brian Lumleys Necroscope series

    I concur, SF wise I’ll add the books from Karen miller and the shadow trilogy from brent week.
    Greywalker from kat richardson is worth a look.
    While we’re on the book topic I am willing to buy book if some of you want to get rid of your stuff. I read mostly SF. And getting books in France is a pain in the ass (plus lets face it I am currently broke so can’t afford new book anyway).
    Let me knowif someone is interested jfernandezcarmona on the gmail dot com


    master of the 5 magics, dunno who wrote it.

    steven erickson stuff, his mates is good too.

    dan abnett 1st and only stuff or inquisition.

    peter hamilton too.


    On of my all time fav books ‘Spares’ by Michael Marshall Smith. That film ‘The Island’ was a complete rip off of it and no where near as good. ‘Only Forward’ and ‘One of us’ by him are excellent too.

    Premier Icon juanking

    All of the Malcolm Pryce stuff, From Aberystwth with love, Last tango in Aberystwth, Don’t cry for me Aberystwth. Can you see a theme?. If you like noir, spy, detective stuff then try these. These are still my favourite books in this genre and Malcolm Pryce is truly excellent.


    oh, brentford triology is good too

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