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    I worked in Bermuda for a while

    They have it sorted

    Cool knees.. hot calves! No thanks.

    I’m in a large civil service office, where my regular use of baggies, sandals and a soft summer shirt these last few weeks has finally lead to a few others taking the plunge so now a few blokes are in shorts or 3/4s. There are still plenty of smart trousers, jackets and ties though among the men and yet much lighter gear worn by the women. I can’t undertsand the reluctance among most staff, who only rarely meet the public and could follow the example of their head of office- me!


    could follow the example of their head of office me! by shirking on the internet


    I can’t undertsand the reluctance among most staff, who only rarely meet the public and could follow the example of their head of office

    it’s like any uniform:
    – it helps differentiate your attitude from when you’re not at work
    – if avoids the office becoming a fashion parade
    – it is generally cheaper to have office clothes that are different to casual clothes

    Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    My boss (Father in law) sits next to me in chinos and a Short Sleeve shirt
    I’m here in nicely pressed 13″ Dickies Work shorts and a (what can best be described as) Short Sleeve blue/brown/white check Cowboy Shirt.
    I do also have some rather nice Volcom Brown w/black pinstripe shorts of a very similar style to the Dickies, and in fact I wore them at my sisters wedding last week with some nice smart shoes (hidden trainer socks!)
    I was the only one in shorts and all the other guests were jealous! (the the invite said Smart summer wear, the groom would not be wearing a tie or jacket)

    Inside our Portacabin Office hit 35 deg 2 days ago!


    Two of our bosses were wearing shorts yesterday which sets a precedent, if I was wearing shorts today I would be stung to bits


    Premier Icon unklehomered

    I once worked in an office where on dress down fridays and weekends, 3/4 shorts were permitted. This bit was clearly aimed at the women. My 3/4 humvees were reluctantly tolerated, as they were technically, tailored, not baggy.


    I’ve been working at Sky TV this week and loads of the office workers are in shorts, I reckon I would melt if i had to wear trousers in that place.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    In my office there are always at least one man and one woman in shorts whatever the weather. I think they are running on something like 7 winters of shorts and they are not going to crack yet.

    But that’s pe teachers for you

    Premier Icon Pickers

    Shorts not allowed in our office either, not on dress down day and not when the AC had failed and it was 29C.
    AC fixed yesterday, guess what? A pleasant 22C and the women are whinging about the chill and have fleece jackets or jumpers on! Can’t win.


    Shorts from march to november…. as part of uniform. Some of my colleagues wear them 365 days a year. … one of the joys of royal mail 🙂

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Glad I’m my own boss. Shorts ,collar and flip flops. It’s hot FFS.


    so glad we can wear what we like at my office.
    I even spend a day wearing my biking tights as i forgot to put the work trousers in my bag when biking to work, no one noticed that but when i was walking around barefooted due to my shoes getting soaked everyone noticed 🙂

    Premier Icon colournoise

    molgrips – Member
    Good point – can a kilt be considered smart attire?

    My kilt (and associated kit and caboodle) is far and away the smartest attire I own.


    Plus a kilt is ethnic attire – can’t prevent you wearing it as it’s discrimination.

    Although as a mate pointed out, is a yard of wool really the cooler option?


    What is the problem – never mind dress down Friday it sounds like BO Monday – Friday at these places. When I worked in England I was repremanded for going “shirt sleeve order” in a very hot spell 30deg +.

    Pure BS. Keep up the good work and remember that school in Cardiff and the Stockholm train drivers (working for a Scottish company) and dont dismiss the skirt/kilt option.


    our office is colder now than it is in winter – air con cranked up to the max.

    Yay climate change!


    I’m very glad to say I work somewhere where you can wear whatever you like, pretty much.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Well as it panned out the only other shorts wearer was our menopausal, mad as a box of frog receptionist, which didn’t help me make the case for shorts.

    I wasn’t pulled to one side but eyebrows were raised, and various comments were chipped in… Apparently one only wears shorts if visiting the seaside.

    We are subject to random visits from our clients and a degree of professional opp presentation is expected, but they didn’t visit today and I bet half of them were in shorts today…

    If the weather is the same next week I’m going to wear shorts again, hang the consequences!


    Apparently in Germany you can go home and still get paid if your office is over 25C, or something.


    There must be a perfect commuting speed: fast enough to generate a cooling breeze but slow enough not to generate too much sweat.

    This is nonsense. Every commute is a time trial. You should be ashamed!

    I used to wear shorts to work on dress down fridays during the summer until I was threatened with disciplinary action, because my tattoos could be considered offensive. I asked them what the colour of my skin has to do with anything… (I don’t have any offensive tattoos).. They soon changed their mids about the tattoos and brought up the fact that I’m a management grade and its not considered ‘right’ for management to wear shorts and that I should think more ‘golf course casual’ what ever that means, when considering my attire for the day…

    Same shit every day whatever the weather for me, even when there’s 30 sweaty kids in the room and its about 35 degrees.


    been given the dressing down by me boss for wearing shorts & a white tshirt. You look like a student not staff, I pointed out that her son who works here wears trainers, trackies & a hoodie all year round and another member of staff rarely buttons his shirt up past his belly button & is covered in tats…. So today I’m in hope dh shorts & a gay pride tshirt 🙂

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