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  • slackalice

    The bike must have felt good to you in a short space of time, so thats good 🙂

    You can do 360’s, thats good too 🙂

    That you gave it a go, is also good 🙂

    Now you can get a sturdier rear wheel, which sounds like a good plan 🙂

    IMHO, you’re being rather harsh on yourself. 😀

    Premier Icon paladin

    You forgot to add a picture….

    Premier Icon oliverracing

    I agree – pics or it didn’t happen 😉


    So here I am writing this in a pit of gloom with my face in my hand slowly shaking my head at my sheer stupidity. Why?
    I just built up a new (old) bike and took it for a spin and in a moment of unimaginable madness managed to completely destroy the back wheel… First ride!
    The bike is an old santacruz chameleon and it’s great (from the half hour I’ve ridden it). But I got a bit carried away and after riding bmx for the last year and a bit I thought I’d just try a quick 360? Almost made too but came up a little short and in doing so trashed the light weight MTB wheel. Just couldn’t tell you what I was thinking but now I realise it’s because I’m a complete tool.

    Anyone got a 26″ back wheel for sale please?


    I would add pic but it involves uploading to Flickr or another and I forget all the blasted passwords… It’s bent to the chain stays to the point where I had to carry it half a mile home 🙁
    I’ll stick to the bmx for tricks in future! You just forget how robust they are….. Still from the brief time on the chameleon I can tell its a real blast, kind of akin to riding a big bmx , just not as built proof.


    Strong strong work!

    you dont need a new wheel, you need a new rim and spokes?
    time to learn how to build wheels!

    Premier Icon pnik

    Ive a hope sport hub with a mavic 819 rim if interested. Probably could do with a new freehub at some point as its battlescarred, where are you? Pictures can be provided. 60quid if near brighton, dorking or bristol, postage on top otherwise.


    what you need my friend is an ex823 or a deemax :p


    I did similar once. I did a 180 on my brothers bso in my parents garden. The rear wheel folded in half.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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