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  • Junkyard

    Tolerance to Heroin develops incredibly quickly there is no common safe usage of it,

    Not strictly true is it a pretty clean drug and with safe and known quantities it can easily be used safely but your right tolerance is a huge problem

    Like most opioids, unadulterated heroin does not cause many long-term complications other than dependence and constipation


    Being illegal, of unknown quality and purity and having to be taken in private exacerbates any risk present.
    If it had to be done under medical supervision, for example, it would be far safer.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    There is always the danger that these threads only ever discuss the small percentage of users who actually have a problem with drugs. And it is a small percentage. The vast majority take it or leave.

    I’d much rather have a system where the state controls the supply of drugs and the profits are then put back into health for those that can’t handle them, instead of the going to criminal groups. Lets face it, time has proved that prohibition has no effect on the availability of drugs. It’s a multi billion pound industry, that could help alot of people. Less harmful drugs could be available widely, but drugs like herion could be available via heroin clinics where users have to be registered etc and help is available at point of purchase. there’s many ways you could do it, and it’d be a far better system than the shambles that currently exits.


    First time I had heroin I sprinted 3 miles home after I’d roused from my initial slumber. Strange…


    And it is a small percentage

    True as it is with gambling or alcohol but some drugs are more moreish than others

    Premier Icon somafunk

    California’s Grape crop (for the wine industry) is estimated to be worth $4b to their economy, the almond crop is a very close 2nd at $3.8b.

    However the (somewhat illegal) marijuana crop is reliably estimated to be worth at least $10b with further estimates putting it as high as $14b over the past few years so the sooner our government gets it’s finger out of it’s arse the sooner we could set up small scale personal grows and help get this country out of debt, i’d quite happily pay 50%+ tax on anything i produce and i’d still make a very decent living out of an average size room.

    Our entire drug policy and current legal enforcement is a farce that needs to end soon.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Junkyard – lazarus
    And it is a small percentage

    True as it is with gambling or alcohol but some drugs are more moreish than othersvery true but like I say you’ve more chance of helping these users under a legal system rather than an illegal system.


    Have had MDMA (amongst others) a few times and it’s awesome either for a night out or a night in. Better than alcohol. I don’t think I’d want to try heroin though unless I knew for sure it would really just be the once, I think I have quite an addictive personality so don’t want to risk it tbh! None of my mates are into that kinda thing though so it would probably be hard to come by at any rate.


    Everyone I’ve known who’s had a drug problem (alcohol, acid, dope, coke) has, as far as I can see, been trying to deal with personal issues and the drug has been a way of trying to live life with some kind of bearable balance… so if we want to reduce usage, where’s the counselling, the social support etc to help people deal with the underlying issues?


    I imagine it (heroin) is very moreish. With an addictive personality I will steer clear, until Im given days to live in which case it will be near the top of the list along with many other things…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Smoked it a couple of times, a long time ago- first time, I had no clue, was just handed it. Bit daft, I’d probably have said no if I’d known. Honestly, it is brilliant. But weighed up the potential downsides and thought, nah, bollocks to that. I’m an addictive person- not chemically addictive, but experience addictive and it was too good to play with, I think everything else would have taken a back seat. I mean, if mountain biking can steal your wallet and your weekends, what’s heroin going to leave you? (on the plus side, I doubt junkie northwind would be wasting a thursday evening on herointrackworld)

    FWIW the feller who gave it to me had been using for years, you would never know. I am not that sort of person. He was far better with horse than booze, honestly if I could have picked one to get him off, it’d have been the beer.

    Formed a very close relationship with a self-administering morphine drip in hospital, that was ace. Starts out “Aah this hurts, pain relief, BEEP”, soon it’s “Man I’m bored… BEEP.” If I had one of those in the house, I reckon I could go to bed and just never get out again.


    At Staffs Uni in Stoke early 90s two of us decided we’d give all drugs a try, a kind of study! We already smoked weed daily and were already in to the dance scene (living in between Shellys & Stoke helped!)so that ticked off speed, pills, acid and shrooms and in later years ketamin and coke. And we’re not talking the occasional night out, a group of us would start on friday and end on sunday most weekends for two years, not every weekend though as body needed to rest, occasionally. We knew a dealer who got us some brown… not going to lie, it was lovely experience. Beer and temazepam were our monday student night entertainment, often piercing the pill and chasing it…..cant remember any details of those nights!

    Knew what we were doing and knew it was just an experiment although the dance drugs became a very regular part of my life and I dont regret a single experience, always knew it wouldn’t last and it didn’t. We just wanted to know about all ‘popular’drugs whilst we were young free and single and I’m glad we did

    Findings (personal opinions)….didn’t like ket, coke over rated, everything else enjoyable. If you’re not 100% sure you can stop any/all of the drugs do not try them (easier said than done for many)

    42 years old now, 20 and 18 year old girls,comfortable happy life, just smokes now and the very rare big dance night out. But |i know not everybody would end up like I have soI could never recommend it

    Premier Icon dazh

    He was far better with horse than booze, honestly if I could have picked one to get him off, it’d have been the beer.

    I’ve said this before on other threads about drugs, addiction is far more complicated than simply being addicted to heroin, or crack or alcohol etc. In many cases an addict is using multiple drugs and may be physically and/or mentally dependent on one or more drugs to differing degrees. For the cases where a user is addicted to both heroin and alcohol, the alcohol addiction often takes precedence in terms of treatment than the heroin addiction for the simple reason that it is much more harmful in health terms.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    My friend has tried most things but never H.

    That said I do have a surprising large (and slightly worryingly so) group of friends who all got into it together.

    I have seem the way it destroys lives and am immensely proud of them all as they have managed to drag themselves back from oblivion. I have seen people on the edge of physical and mental survival because of that nasty nasty stuff and watching them go through that journey was incredibly hard.

    It is the one drug I am truly scared of and hope to god babybgoode never comes into contact with.


    Pretty much everyone I know has at some point taken coke, weed, acid, E etc etc, but I’ve never met anyone who has done (or has admitted) to trying heroin.

    My mate use to be a chemist and he use to run his coke through a filtration process to get rid of all the crap it was mixed with. Apparently pretty much 80-90% of what you sold was just filler, which kind of put me off a bit.


    I have obviously lived a very sheltered life, the only thing I have ever tried is a few puffs of weed. Don’t think I have even smoked a cigarette 😯


    My mate use to be a chemist and he use to run his coke through a filtration process

    Was he crackers?


    Partied VERY hard up in Manchester and a bit down south but well grown out of it now

    Offered brown a couple of times – even whilst proper boxxed – but always had enough sense to decline

    I’m sure it would have been fun – but never wanted to cross the line

    With the other stuff – awesome – best times i’ve ever had – mixing & matching all sorts and the experiences i had were amazing

    Met my Mrs on an amazing trip at Glastonbury – all good times 🙂

    Not looking forward to having a discussion with my children if i ever suspect that they’re partying like i used to though…… 🙂

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    btw it should be noted that when I and I assume most of us did mushrooms, they weren’t actually illegal!

    Best legal high ever! :mrgreen: (I’ve actually never tried any of todays legal highs, don’t appeal at all)


    The modern legal highs are just badly copied versions of the good stuff from 10 years back and are pretty nasty – the comedowns are evil and they’re probably doing way more damage to the yoofs of today 🙁


    Favourite thing ever!! 🙂


    I think it’s probably fair to suggest there is some correlation between ex-party heads and getting in to mountain biking/’extreme’ sports. Seems like a more wholesome way of chasing a bit of a buzz.

    instant hit

    The dark side of drug use is the significant mental health issues that can arise from drug use.
    Having seen people in a drug induced psychosis or coming down off a weekend of taking “whatever was offered” and they’re writhing on the floor because they’re experiencing tactile hallucinations is enough to stop you ever wanting to take drugs.
    Depression is another nice little side effect.


    Yep – agree that there are serious dangers, but no less than other thrill seeking activities experienced in our youth

    I bet most of us were complete loons in cars or on motorbikes back in our late teens and early 20s

    Sadly, i know more people killed or lamed due to going too fast than people who talk about mental issues related to drug abuse

    Maybe they don’t speak about it – but i’m still very close to old party mates and i can only think of a few who went off the rails – and if it wasn’t drugs which sent them that way, then drink would have done the same

    I don’t recommend them to anyone, but i’ll always say that i had a great time on them 🙂


    Tried most things, a lot in the source country. Quality has plummeted over the years as its moved from Hippy’s and bikers and groups of friends organising supplies to serious criminals.
    Smoked fresh opium in Laos it was lovely but way too lovely if you were a damaged person needing to block out life. Unfortunately this appears to be a major problem for poorer people who cannot afford the drugs in the long term.
    However survived unscathed and don’t play anymore.
    People like getting trashed so might as well make it safe and legal. Raise some taxes and cut out the criminal gangs.

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