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  • rascal

    Arrived at work feeling spaced-out on Thurs and got worse as morning wore on…left at lunchtime.
    Off Fri – still feeling pants. 2 glorious days of potential biking spent freezing cold/sneezing/raging sore throat indoors. Woke up today STILL feeling crap….really fed up 🙁 Feel guilty not being in work (don’t think they believe me – the still-blue sky doesn’t help). Contemplating going for a kip – even though haven’t sleep properly since Weds. Even the missus called into work for me and she NEVER does that! I MUST be ill as I haven’t had a beer in a week 😯
    Anyone else feeling a bit pathetic today?

    Boba Fatt

    +1 sitting here with a sore throat, runny nose and (because I have a little bit of asthma) shortness of breath. Don’t work a Monday but feeling properly guilty I’m not dashing about like a fanny but sitting on the internet looking at motorbikes (should also be doing some work as preparation for later in the week, but I just can’t be arsed)

    Also couldn’t face a beer last night, must be ill


    If you’ve got what I and many others on here have had, look forward to feeling crap for five weeks or so!
    Look for the Christmas Cold thread. My crapness was started by a dose of Norovirus, so it’s been a really horrible start to the year.


    I feel fine, get well soon though.


    +1 mate, gutted, just stringing some good rides together when I got man flu on Thursday, loads of you will say mtfu but in truth if I went for a ride I’d prelong my illness for another week, frickin annoying when it’s sunny with no wind! Hoping I’ll get out tomorrow.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    As countzero.

    Now after 2 days of being well have a hideous stomsch bug and off work again. Had more days off in 2013 so far than 2011 and 2012 together.


    Yup – I had something similar. I wasn’t sure how bad I was (not quite delirious flu) but I managed to drop over half a stone in 10 days through not being able to face eating (and I’m already pretty slim). I had non-movable deadlines so a very tough couple of weeks had. I managed a tentative 20 mile road ride this weekend but am very much looking forward to to mtb this weekend!


    aww bless, yes i could start with the mtfu but i won’t. you feel utterly rubbish and not yourself and that’s fine, we all do it. colds and flu types things are utterly rubbish as there is no magic bullet type tablet to take.
    it’s rubbish being poorly but i find it interesting how quickly the psychological effect becomes great enough to share your potential suffering with thousands (possibly on here).
    listen to your body, get better and then forget you were ill at all. but remember this, you have a (presumably, no information to the contrary) run of the mill illness. i always think of bullheart on here and the sh*te he’s been through. he is an incredible example of mtfu in incredible circumstance.
    yes our now is important to us, respect it but don’t let it get the better of you.
    get well.

    That sounds just like the disease afflicting my eldest, bodes well for a family sojourn to Big Town later in the week.


    There’s always someone worse off, I went to the doc about a sore throat before xmas and I’ve spent most of today in hospital having radio and chemotherapy. Don’t leave it too long before going to the doc. 😕

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Sorry to hear your news Dibbs.

    I’m the same as the op, been in bed all weekend and am suffering through day 1 of a 5 day training course with the help of Lemsip Max Plus Extra cold flu caffeine do it all tablets. Throat still feels like gargling with broken glass.


    I manned up, two fingers up to the raw sinus’s and went for a ride around sherwood pines, the sun was shining and I recieved 41 Strava achievements most of which were Personal Bests.

    I remembered this thread on my way round and it came clear to me how lucky I am, a cold is nothing.

    Dibbs, I sincerely hope you get through your treatment as pain free as possible and your full health returns asap so you can get back on your bike.

    Stay strong my friend.


    Don’t listen to him up there…

    I’m a big wuss.

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