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  • Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Sick of having* to spend money on other people when I’d much rather spend it on the kids and save the rest.

    **** hate October to January pay day.

    * well, the Wife.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    *pulls up chair*
    Try adding a wedding a few days before Christmas as well…

    Premier Icon unknown

    The whole thing’s a bunch of arse, the fact that it now seems to last 3 months makes it even worse.

    A couple of years ago I got permission from the wife to cancel Xmas. We didn’t do presents, told each set of in-laws we were going to the others, had a Chinese takeaway and watched die hard then gremlins. Best Xmas day ever.


    I love it. Suck it, Scrooges 😀


    Is that * in the right place?

    Sick of having well, the Wife…

    Not sure what that has to do with Christmas…

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    I shall leave the * in place, rather than Ninja-edit. May turn out to be in the right place, depending on how much she spends.

    And…the bastard Co-Op started their Xmas stuff at the end of September. Bastards.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    If you hate Christmas, don’t partake in it. There’s no law saying you have to.

    Scroogey McScrooge.


    I ticked the box to opt out a few years ago….


    Me too – will see the kids on the day and that’s it


    I love it. Shame it always kicks off though.


    Hated it for years, might be coming back now older microbits is about old enough to understand though

    Premier Icon althepal

    Never was that bothered about it when I lived on my own-saw the family on the day, swapped presents and had a big dinner and that but apart from having a few more nicer things at the end of it was usually just another normal day.
    Married now with two young un’s who all love it, I love seeing them happy so in that respect, it makes me happy.
    Only now I’ve got two families to visit on the same day and all the crap that goes along with that.. plus I get quite brassed off at how much it all costs..

    Premier Icon northernerindevon

    Generally not a fan – disjointed family so much prefer to spend it with Mrs NiDs lot – her parents split up and both remarried (other people!) and they are all great and get into it but thankfully no small children so just lots of posh food and alcohol. Plus we get to rotate so every year is different.I also spend every other Xmas offshore & really like it – totally takes the commercialisation away, just loads of decorations, no family squabbles, tons of immense food and usually down on weather (although no booze!)

    One of the best I had was when I spent it on my own (missis away), big solo ride in the morning, massive homemade pizza, plenty of sticky sweet smoke and lots of cider. It was bliss….

    Offshore again this year! Gets me out of buying too many unnecessary presents too – just the missis and my mum and dad. Tight – well, I am Northern!

    Must be living hell if you have a massive family, tons of brats and that sinking feeling that everyone must be bought presents. Far too much commercialisation.

    Bar humbug….

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    I enjoy the time off and will enjoy watching my 10 month old child play with the cardboard box we are getting him and the look of the in-laws faces when they realise in fact that is all he’s getting. Oh, add the mince pies.

    Premier Icon on and on

    Over the years my wife and I have come to level out a bit. I don’t hate it has much and she doesn’t go quite as over the top as she used to.

    This year we will be in geneva- over here is much less commercialised that in the uk. Most store still don’t have any Christmas stuff on the shelves.


    Lots of positives about Christmas…. The only day in the year where it’s socially acceptable to start drinking in the morning…


    Sherry for breakfast, oh yes.


    I love Christmas time, but mine starts on abut the 23rd December, buzzy happy times, hang out with valued friends, lovely food, surprise presents. Great fun. Ignore the bobbins side of it and enjoy it as you want too not as you are told too.


    I love it. But I’m still a child. My parents are getting older so I can see the day when I won’t be getting cash for bike stuff at christmas. Then I’ll hate it.

    I quite like the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing day bit. I try to ignore the huge build up in the shops.

    We don’t usually get to have time off work, except the bank holidays, as preference for Christmas holidays is given to parents. So we haven’t usually visited family, we’ve spent it on our own, because our families are dotted round the UK and it would be too much to travel round and see them all over 2 days.

    Because my dad is seriously ill though this year I’ve dug my heels in and requested some time off as this may be the last Christmas I have with him. The parents at work have whinged, but frankly my dear….


    The trouble with x**s is that it imposes itself upon those who don’t choose to celebrate it.

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