If you were stuck in a 30 sec timeloop, riding a trail, which would you choose?

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  • If you were stuck in a 30 sec timeloop, riding a trail, which would you choose?
  • Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Cadden Bank, Innerleithen.

    Premier Icon flap_jack

    Rollercoaster, Woburn, circa 2008.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    atlaz – Member
    I used to quite like Babymaker and Deerstalker at Swinley but haven’t been there in 4 years so no idea what they’re like now

    Kids and rubbish down Babymaker, fun over in 10 seconds. Braking bumps down Deerstalker. Not much different really, except new trails have made a new tame entrance to Deerstalker.

    The new thing now is Babystalker. Nice set of big berms. Not bad, if also over far too quick.

    Not that I would wish to be stuck in a loop at Swinley. I try to keep clear of the place.

    On the other hand, 30 second loop of Rim Dinger at BPW… I’d be in perpetual grin πŸ˜€ (though I’d be destroyed and bike with it after a few minutes).


    The top bit of La Varda – Les Arcs

    The middle of Hobson’s Choice, or the top of Ze Holy Trail from the Trans Provence

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    If it was going to be the same every time rather than changing the ride, I’d have a bit of trail that I can’t even remember in Les Arcs somewhere. Was following some better riders but for about 30 seconds I sort of forgot that, caught and then kept right up.
    That shite about being in the zone – it was that. Magic

    If it was going to change every time, somewhere really variable over a short distance and with a few different ways down. Lakes somewhere maybe, or Quantocks or else a trail in California that I ride a lot when I’m visiting family.

    (the bit about dirt jumps and starting again undamaged after a big crash is true enough, and very tempting too but if I went back undamaged I’d presumably have no memory of it so I’d still be shite forever)

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    The Thin Red Line at Sainte Foy, no question.


    ooh, good choice Stevo!

    There’s a few bits of La Thuile i wouldn’t feel short changed riding for ever as well πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Grace

    Knowing my luck i’d just get to the top of a crap fireroad climb and that’d be my 30 seconds up!


    Crank It Up – make sure it’s the bit where it joins onto the little skills area with the ladder drops and stuff to one side πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    It would be the lower section of the bridleway that dropped down from Sarn Helen into the Crynant Valley in S Wales prior to the FC trashing it.

    one that passed a pub, pretty sure i could handle a half in 30 seconds…


    The mid section of Mark of Zorro at Nant. Feels like you are flying through the trees, then pumping out into the open across the side of the valley, then BANG, into a tight skittery hairpin. I’ve ridden this a few hundred times, could probably manage a few quintillion more..

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Knowing my luck i’d just get to the top of a crap fireroad climb and that’d be my 30 seconds up!


    Locally, it’s not particularly challenging or technical but I love the last half of this, even better with the dog.


    Premier Icon Northwind

    Maybe the big yellow berms at Pila. Or some grey dusty rooty bit at La Thuile. Or maybe the middle bit of waterworld at caberston. Or pretty much any 30 seconds of the trails up past mamore lodge at kinlochleven. Or, hey, why not, the black option on falla brae at glentress.

    Or, hey, why not, the black option on falla brae at glentress.

    TBH I don’t think there’s a descent on that hill I’d be disappointed to ride on groundhog day.

    Not 30s, more like a couple of minutes, Cwm Rhyadder?

    Red 15 or 25 at Swinley. Not overly technical, but I reckon it’d take me an infinite loop to get all the jumps ‘right’!


    30 second loop forever?

    This sounds like hell.

    In the first hour, you’d have done it 120 times. 960 times in the first 8 hours.

    I’d be fed up by the 16th loop, no matter what it was.


    I don’t think a section where you had to learn how to jump would work, surely with this 30 second loop you’d start off with the same mindset each time? Otherwise this would be a hellish exercise.

    My 30 seconds would be the short DH singletrack (nom de strava, Pheasant Run) in the Mendips. Takes me about 30 seconds to complete (just over!) and is just fun x 1000

    drop, turn, slide, pedal, slide, finish…. repeat

    Premier Icon nemesis

    Oh! that’s near me. Will have to check it out!

    Premier Icon 154hopperavenue

    Norland Moor downhill to the canal. There are better trails, more picturesque, more challenging etc. But this was one of the first bits I rode when we moved to Calderdale. On a Clockwork. And I was, even by my standards, slow and a bit shit. And whilst I’m not that much better my bike is (Five 650b) and it always makes me realise how much my riding has come on over the years.


    Your dog has some interesting “strava” lines on that trail SprocJock !

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Ace question πŸ™‚ but as with all hypothetical questions there are lots of “it depends”. If I really was stuck doing the same 30 sec loop of riding over and over and over again I think I’d get bored fairly quickly. If, as someone said above, this is a Groundhog day moment that I can refine and make perfect then the first one that springs to mind is a lovely set of berms in Dimmingsdale Woods that Jekyll of this parish showed me once. I probably can’t quite do it in 30 seconds yet but with practice I might πŸ˜‰

    The more I think the more pop into my head, but it would definitely be something swoopy and flowy with perhaps the odd little jump.


    as with all hypothetical questions there are lots of “it depends”

    I think you (and some others) might be over-thinking the concept a tad – in the great STW tradition. Just go with it. It’s a nice idea.. πŸ™‚


    Possibly “No Social” or “Wolf of Wall Street” at Golfie.
    Maybe there’s even better stuff in there but I’m still finding my way around and they’re certainly the best so far.


    This is a good question.

    Everyone who says they’d get bored after a few repeats has simply got too good a short term memory. Age and drug abuse can easily sort this. I often struggle to remember what I was….

    ….where was I? Oh yes 30 seconds and I’d probably be surfing something reasonably challenging. Something that in climbing falling off terms could be called a two screamer. That’s when you fall off, scream, but fall sufficiently far that you have to take another breath to be able to carry on screaming. I would not get bored.

    On a bike, probably something off Ilkley moor in the dry. Or, being honest I guess, perhaps Hully Gully. Woo, erm, hoo.

    Dirt mechant as long as the whistler maintenance crew turn up from time to time to buff the jumps. They would have to be fast, within the thirty second scope…

    Premier Icon Andy R

    The last 300 metre section of the track from Smougha to Trachila – none of you will know it, it’s in that Greece. Or, if not that, the short section of monopati from Pyrgos heading down to Riglia which is just rocky, steppy heaven.
    If any of you are ever out here I’ll gladly show you.

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