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  • If you only watch one eagle in flight video today….
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Make it this lovely one.

    I had the pleasure of meeting this very bird face to face (and running around that lovely lake each morning for a week).

    Premier Icon malv173
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    That’s pretty awesome!

    Must have been quite an experience being up close and personal with something so magnificent.

    Premier Icon stumpy01
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    Nice! I love birds of prey. I guess a bird of that size barely notices a camera strapped on?

    I’ve been to a few falconry displays & it’s great seeing the different birds & the individual way that they fly/hunt etc.
    It sounds a bit twee, but at Warwick castle there’s a scripted falconry display with a historic tale attached to it. But, the actual bird show is amazing. They get the birds flying literally feet above your head (they warn you not to stand up as the birds fly over).

    I’ve also done a couple of bird photoshoots with Wild Arena. Very weather dependent of course & it can be hard to get good shots, especially if you don’t have fast lenses in some of the darker, wooded locations. I think any pics I had online were on my photobucket account which I gave up on years ago. I might stick some on Flickr.

    [url=]DSC_5867 adjust[/url] by STW stumpy01, on Flickr

    [url=]DSC_5906 adjust[/url] by STW stumpy01, on Flickr

    [url=]DSC_5997 crop[/url] by STW stumpy01, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    A truly majestic bird.

    Premier Icon gecko76
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    Don’t think it’s on iPlayer currently but this was good (if you want to watch another eagle video today).

    Premier Icon joelowden
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    I was lucky enough to watch one soaring round Galloway this afternoon ….. gorgeous.

    Premier Icon boardmanfs18
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    Had the chance to go the Isle of Mull this autumn.

    It’s well known as the home of white-tailed eagles and has a quite a few pairs of golden eagles as well, usually it’s very difficult to get close to a white-tailed eagle in the wild but Mullcharters run a boat trip out to the lochs, where they throw fish out and the eagles come within 15-30 feet of the boat, swooping down onto the sea to pick up the fish.

    Makes for an amazing photography experience, probably the best one in the U.K. in my opinion.

    The eagles are massive, fourth largest in the world with an 8ft/2.5m wingspan and standing 1m tall when perched, my mind was truly blown.

    Little video of some of the shot’s I took

    Premier Icon sharkbait
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    I had the chance to get up close and personal with a golden eagle a long time ago at Gleneagles.
    Since then I’ve always wanted to keep a raptor (Harris Hawk probs) – maybe one day.

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