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  • If you live in or near Todmorden
  • Michael B

    Have a listen to the Adam and Joe show BBC radio 6 from Saturday 31st Danny Wallace is sitting in for them but

    A: It’s all very funny
    B: About one hour in there’s a bit about the longest continuous hill climb in England and thats very, very funny!

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Why Tod? Cragg Vale’s bloody miles away from there! 🙂

    Assuming they mean CV of course

    Premier Icon Sim

    Yeah, having the start of the longest continuous gradient in England is Mytholmroyds only claim to fame*, don’t take that away from it!

    *Well, that and Ted Hughes was born there…

    Michael B

    Yer I was too busy laughing to actually remember where it started but they just kept saying Tod 🙂


    Premier Icon kelvin

    Climb Cragg vale, drop down other side, along the valley to Walsden for the best pie and chips in England, slow pootle back through Tod and Hebden. Easy ride that feels like something special because of “longest continuous hill climb in England”. Very popular.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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