If you had the choice, what oakleys would you buy?

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  • If you had the choice, what oakleys would you buy?
  • Jezwick

    Ive used the Racing Jackets for years now, I have some clears and some shades personally I think they are the best riding specs you can get !!!

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    *Pulls up chair and waits for Houns to show up…. *

    I've got Radars, and love them..

    The inner tart in me quite likes the new Jawbones..

    Hmm, steptoes here I come..


    I had the same choice and got some G30 vented Path Radars. They can't be faulted


    Fancy some Radars next and currently have square wires and Minutes


    Flak jacket XLJ transitions 😉


    Have a look on grandprix legends – 30% Oakleys


    Used m frames for years, got some radars now- fantastic


    Currently Radar's for riding, polarized Nanowire 2's for everything else.

    Still want some Juliets though!


    M frames with a yellow/persimmon spare lens then you can swap the lens and wear them all year, i do.


    currently have monsterdogs sunnie's and another pair thts clear but can't remember the model.
    I'd like a pair of jawbones and am currently in negotiations with the boss.


    Still got a set of Black Iridum Splice's love em!

    Current list;
    Pro-M Frames with a large number of lenses. VR28 is the most used one.
    M-Frames – See above, same lense
    Big Square Wires – Polarised VR28
    Old School Square Wires – Black/Black
    XX – RootBeer/Gold
    XX – Black/Black
    Retro StraightJacket – Matte Clear/Black
    Retro StraightJacket – Electric Mustard Metallic/Black

    Jawbones – A great fitting pair of sunnies. Really impressed
    MkI Frogskins Black/Black – Left a pair on a blonde in France and still regret it.
    Pitboss – Wow. Tried a pair on the other day and, well all I can say is wow.


    im toying with getting a pair. what you recommend or want?


    I went with custom Radars (only thing extra I want now is the photochromic lens). Personally I just don't get the Jawbone look…


    I fancy a pair of the new Romeo's, but it's a load of cash to splash.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Agree with not liking the Jawbone look, they're too big IMO.

    Radars are days and nights better than M-Frames, and are the best thing for riding. I've got some Livestrong ones, but I wore them once and then promptly lost them somewhere! Also got some custom white chrome ones, but the finish is terrible on those, get the solid white if you want white ones!

    I've got 2 pairs of Splices for every day, but they're terrible on the bike, the frame gets in the way, particularly if you're looking over your shoulder.


    photochromic radars here – have owned a variety including Half Jacket XLJ's, Monster Dogs, M-Frames, Zeroes etc and the radars are the best I've had for cycling…


    I've got some M-Frames for riding (plus lens options), and had/have A-Wires, Frogskins (Mk1), E-Wires and Juliets.

    M-Frames are brilliant, though If I got some now I'd get Radars, I tried on some Jawbones and as others have said they were too large for me really. I'd really like some Straight Jackets for winter holidays.

    For everyday use the Juliets are brilliant.


    heater lenses, and old sub zero snap on frames. The best sunglasses Oakley never made. Vintage Sub zero frames cost an arm and a leg on ebay these days though.


    Original Frogskins in rootbeer/gold iridium lens and sub zero's.
    Splatter Mumbos and currently using prescription ratchet 4.0's with photochromatic lenses as daily.

    Premier Icon domino

    I like Gascans but my face is the wrong shape for them.

    Mrdomino has some original Frogskins and I quite like them – I am just not brave enough to wear them without looking like a bit of an idiot.

    Anyone got a pair of original, MkI Frogskins with metal hinges in Black/Grey they want to sell me? Please?

    I had a pair once. Left them on a blonde and have regretted it ever since. Not the blonde, mind you, no regrets about that.


    i also like the new jawbones, also really like straight jackets and racing jackets.

    I have got some flak jacket XLJ with the polarized lenses. Wish i'd shopped around as i paid over the odds for them, and also wish i bought some which are solid coloured plastic frames, not ones that are painted or whatever as the colour has basically fallen off in lots of places and oakley won't touch them.

    Currently use Radars for riding in but also XX's with yellow lenses for when the weather is poo. Also had M frames, zero's and lots of fashion oakley's too

    Just got a pair of these from my GF for my birthday

    I want these next….photochromic jawbones with vented lenses

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    I've got a pair of the glow-in-the-dark Frogskins- no idea who came up with the idea of sunglasses for the dark, but they're quite entertaining.


    On bike – M Frames with Clear vented/Yellow/Black Iridium and VR28 lenses (VR28 the most versatile one ther)

    Off bike – got some blue irid square wires and found my old set of MkII Froggies the other day (clear frame with black irid lenses)


    you could always buy my radars from the classifieds… 🙂

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