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  • noteeth

    March 13th, 1998, aged 21, at roughly 17:30 hours.

    Reluctant to say why. But suffice to say… I made a big mistake. 😯


    why torture yourself?
    What's done is done, there's plenty more life for me to cock up before I die to want to go backwards.


    Reluctant to say why. But suffice to say… I made a big mistake

    This is STW, no need to be shy 😆


    About 17 years old. I'd make sure I actually studied for my A levels, giving me a better chance of doing medicine.


    Couldn't bare the thought of having to go through life all over again, and would miss out on too many good things if I rewound and redid certain bad points in my past.

    2003, try to prevent losing family members.


    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I'd go back to last Friday armed with Saturday's lottery numbers and all the winners from Epsom. That way I could aford to get somebody in to decorate the bathroom.

    Other than that i'm happy to live with my mistakes.


    On the one hand I'd love to be young again so that I had a better body and could do more riding etc.
    On the other, going through all the emotional trauma again, er, no thanks.


    As above, I'd have stuck in at school just when I started mucking around. I'd have loved to have gone to Cambridge but I just didnt know it at the time.

    And am a little ashamed to admit I would at least try and do a little bit of brown-nosing at work. Took too much pride in being a social hand grenade in the office……it just doesnt pay off in the long term.


    Maybe go back to working harder at school, having an idea what I wanted to do would've helped too. 😕

    Not very exciting, but I'd have stayed at my local authority as a plant/vehicle fitter instead of going self employed with Ma & Pa at our petrol station, (went t*ts up eventually). Government pension & i would've had 37 yrs in now! Instead I've still got 13 yrs to do in the prison service, bugger.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I'd have followed my heart into journalism, rather than my head into law.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    I don't know… 1995 had some fantastic things happen that I wouldn't change for the world. Then through to 2000 there was the band, perhaps go back to that time so I could do less of the narcotics and more of the pushing things forward, who knows what we could have been.

    I would certainly take the last 2 years back though.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    1987, 16yrs old. I'd have jumped out of the window and legged it BEFORE my 15yo GFs karate instructor dad came home 😕


    Age 14, from then on it has been one **** up after another. I would change everything, the awful thing is that I would probably end up in the same situation. Life, it's just treading water until you die.


    and start it again with what you know now.

    What age would it be & why?


    I would have loved to have chatted to my Gramp more, I only learnt after his death what an amazing life he had led, he was a very quiet man & I had no idea he was in the special forces! until my Gran passed on his diaries many, many years latter.

    Thats all for me, the rest I mucked up myself, so if I went back, I would just mess up in a different way I guess 😉

    I'd spend a little less time wondering about how it could've been and a bit more time on how it's going to be


    I'd spend a little less time wondering about how it could've been and a bit more time on how it's going to be

    I second that!


    I'd rewind to the last f~~k off big Euro Millions jackpot, subsequently win it and then pay all STW folks mortgages off.

    Coz I'm nice like that.


    Nope! Never look back….


    1968 – to be 4 years old & have the knowledge & experience of a 44 year old would be nothing more than hysterical


    Back to my second year of A levels, that way I could have been somewhere I wasn't and suspect the outcome would have been different, and I wouldn't have made use of the £1 a pint lunchtime special before my 3 hour long Business and Economics exam, after straight A's in my mocks I fell asleep 20 minutes in to the exam.


    Not a chance! If I rewound I wouldn't have my awesome 20 month old boy around would I!
    Life might be crap at times, especially in todays climate, but I just have to look at him and as soon as he gives me a cheeky smile and a hug I couldn't give a monkeys about work, money, crap marriage etc…


    June 2000 We all knew my brother didnt have long to live but the speed he went caught me out. I was on a plane somewhere above the North Pole when he died if I had that time back again I would have told my boss to shove his job and got on the 1st plane back and spent a couple of weeks with my big bro


    10th April 1997. I should have taken the place on the Bar Vocational Course.


    If is is possible to turn back the clock I would go to a period of time between 563 BCE to 400 BCE.

    Age 21-25.

    In Lumbini principality of Kapilvastu in modern day Nepal or around Northern India to meet one person.

    Then to go forth.


    As Philip Larkin wrote in "This be the verse" –

    They **** you up, your mum and dad,
    They may not mean to, but they do,
    They fill you with the faults they had,
    And add some extra, just for you.

    Think I'd like to go back to before conception and have a fresh start.


    I wouldn't want to rewind to change things, but there's some bits I'd like to rewind and do again. 😉


    Premier Icon igm

    Out on the road last night, saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac, a voice inside my head said never go back, you can never go back…

    I have a wonderful wife and son, almost enough bikes (and the gears change nicely on the ones where they should change at all), a decent camera, good collection of bad music, and a job I enjoy that pays for necessities and toys.

    Could I go back and end up with more of something? Maybe, but I reckon I'm pretty lucky.

    So if I were to rewind I'd probably chose to make all the same glorious decisions and stupid mistakes again – they kind of net oof inthe scheme of things.

    Might work a bit more on fitness though.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Good god no. It was bad enough the first time around.

    All you'd do it make different mistakes instead surely?

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I'd have cut my hair short and spiky at uni and probably climbed more big mountains when I was too young to understand the dangers, then again, I'd probably have been dead as a result :-/


    1 day old please

    Premier Icon aracer

    Seeing how much fun my 2 year old son has, sometime around then would be good.


    So many cock-up's made in my life I'd need more pc memory to list 'em… but one single afternoon in the summer of '74 always springs to mind though. During the 6 week skool holidays I screwed up to the extent it probably resulted in the reason why I never married until I was approaching 50. Life could have been soooo different.


    If you could rewind your life…….you wouldn't be who you are today.


    Too many forks in my life where I took the wrong turn – 3 immediately spring to mind.

    Like others above working harder for A Levels and having some idea of what I wanted to in career terms would have made some difference!

    I always wonder what would have happened had I accepted an invitation from a young lady I had fancied for 2 years, who invited me to her hall ball at Uni, and which for some unknown reason I declined because I was off to see a mate down South the same weekend!

    And the third would have been not leaving one particular job where I was highly respected by the Board Directors, to move to another organisation solely for more money and which ended in redundancy, a long period of unemployment, money and health problems, and my fiancee buggering off.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Ahh the wisdom of hindisght.
    As a few others have touched on , life is a series of junctions and once you take one your decision is made.
    I have one that still makes me shake my head – can't remember the year but a young lady shoed me her funbags and suggested we went and had some fun – but i wanted to go and ride my bike so I did ! WTF was i thinking ? She was lovely as well – maybe i was too shy to show her a good time ? Dunno. Still makes me giggle when i think about it.
    Main thing is – don;t look back

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