If you could of chosen, in which county would you have be born ?

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  • If you could of chosen, in which county would you have be born ?
  • Dales_rider

    matt_outandabout – Member

    British Columbia
    Thats bit like confessing your from Belgium

    Edit:- Has it stopped raining yet ?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Well I was born in Uttar Pradesh, which was treated like an English county back in the day….so BC seems a step forward. 😉

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    I wasn’t born in a County. 😐


    crikey – Member
    Born: Braddon, Canberra, New South Wales.

    Crikey, you’re older than I thought, been a while since Braddon was in NSW… Though I guess in those times it wasn’t even Braddon.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Yorkshire – which as luck would have it…

    Oh and I would like to take this opportunity to point out that even up north some of us know the difference between of and have.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Given that I was born in Beverley, in the East Riding of Humberside as it was then whilst the rest of my family were born in Actual yorkshire, I’d have been born in Yorksire too, if only to save me being teased by them for not being a proper Yorkshireman….

    Premier Icon ads678

    I’m proud of where I’m from, Leicester. But i’d probably have chosen to have grown up by the sea or in the hills somewhere. Devon or the lakes maybe.

    I live in Yorkshire now though so it’s not all bad.

    Premier Icon pb2

    Lancs is on my birth certificate but Perthshire or one of the southern Irish counties would get my vote. As for Yarkshire folk, well you know what say about some folk 😉


    Liverpool / Merseyside!! 😀

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Personally if there was a choice it would be a Central European country..

    Is Yorkshire in Europe… ?


    Middlesex. But by the time I was born it had been subsumed into Greater London.

    So many yorkshire’ists around here, all with an over inflated sense of importance, which I suppose is fair enough when you consider no one else gives a monkeys about that place. 😉

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Right here in God’s county: Yorkshire!

    Never understood that, everyone knows God’s UK home is Canterbury 😛

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    rickmeister – Member

    Is Yorkshire in Europe… ?



    Dolgelleau (CYB)


    I would have liked to have grown up in Marin County just over the bridge from San Francisco.

    I have visited there a few times and it is great. There would have been lots of IT type opportunities there which would cover work. The riding and outdoor activities available speak for themselves.


    Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred,
    Weak in t’ arm and thick in t’ ead

    as we like to say down south 8)

    Premier Icon binners

    Definitely Essex. It looks great! I just love everything about it. As it is I have to make do with Lancashire. Its a source of constant angst and bitterness

    Premier Icon annebr



    Born in Shropshire (Ironbridge) and would quite happily live back there but Hampshire has it at the moment and can’t really see me moving.
    MrsBouy has a farm in Yarkshire (Harrogate) and we visit very regularly, it’s a nice county and all that but it’s too cold for me, though I do see what you lot see in it..

    You would if you were.

    It’s about pride, a feeling of belonging; that unspoken knowledge that your just better. To the outside world we’re much like the Scots, but with the generosity removed. If your on the inside though, it’s mint.


    I’m fortunate enough that I could quite easily relocate to Sydney, San Diego or Lyon with my current company but I couldn’t bring myself to leave.

    Everytime I turn the corner out onto the Chevin as I head out of Leeds and I see the Dales laid out in front of me I’m blown away with just how lucky I am.

    You just never get bored of Yorkshires awesomeness.


    Probably Cornwall, but quite happy with Kent/East Sussex

    Premier Icon tomtomthepipersson

    Yorkshire’s ok but everyone talks funny up there.


    West Yorkshire. I dont know why anyone would want to be born elsewhere.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Sussex born and raised, love it.


    Yorkshire born and bred in Leeds. Now live in Bristol, but still love going back home to enjoy the broad acres of God’s Own Country.


    I currently live in a Kingdom and doubt I want to live elsewhere.

    Given the choice of another, I’d say either Marin County or Multnomah County.


    Essex born and bred man and bwow.

    I had a bloody fantastic childhood playing in the woods. Riding to the sea side, so I’m really glad I was born there. Love going back and walking along the sea front.

    Would I move back there?

    Not on your nelly!

    Tijuana Taxi

    The county of London which is fortunate because I was, LCC ceased to exist in 1965 when it became the GLC

    Samuel Johnson summed it up nicely “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”

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