If you are 6ft 4 inches tall what Full Suspension Bike Do you ride?

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  • If you are 6ft 4 inches tall what Full Suspension Bike Do you ride?
  • Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    6’4″ and on a 21″ xl Sultan with 70mm stem and 780mm bars, feels perfect. Previously I had an xl dw 5 spot which was a good fit but not as good as the Sultan, also looked a bit stupid with a big frame and it’s silly little wheels. Before that always used to run large 19.5s or thereabouts as I was in the smaller is more nimble school of thought. Whilst there is some truth in that it just makes the bike too compromised 95‰ of the time

    Premier Icon paulx

    6’4″ with 36″ leg on 21″ (XL) Trek Rumblefish 29er.

    Looks pretty big but feels just right to ride with a 70mm stem rather than the 90mm standard.

    The XXL – 23″ Rumble is a monster. I reckon you’d need to be around 6’7″ to ride that.


    6’4″ long arms long legs, short torso – XL carbon nomad, fits like a glove 🙂

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Large ASR5. Tried an XL SB95 but it felt like a gate.


    6 6? Are you black and play professional basket ball?

    Really? A new level of stupid, even for you.


    6’3 on a Large stumpy evo (18.5) with 150mm dropper.

    Fits pretty well as spesh generally have long top tubes.

    Premier Icon ffej

    6’4″ on an XL 2010 Commencal Meta 55.
    Spot on.



    6’4″ also and XL stumpy fsr 29er.
    In the flesh it is enormous but doesn’t feel like it when you’re on it.

    Same for me.


    6’5″ riding a large Stumpy Evo (19.5), a 20″ 456 and a 14″ DMR. I’ve a 50 and a 70mm stem which i swap between bikes depending on how much climbing there’s going to be. All are 26″ wheelers.

    I’m 6,3″ and ride a Fuel Ex8 19.5 29er. I was previously on a large Canyon Nerve 26″ which always felt on the small side.

    Premier Icon flap_jack

    6’3″ on a large 1999 Marin Mount Vision. Looks enormous on its own, looks like a moulton under a gorilla when I’m on it.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    CaptainSlow – Member
    Turner xl would prob be a good fit for you – I’m riding a flux in that size and it’s perfect

    I’ll second that. Not least because I’m about to put a 2011 iteration in XL on the market. Absolutely perfect trail centre bike and ideal for people who are 6’4″ (like me). Only being sold as I a) Need cash and b) my riding is much more focused on gnarly natural stuff in the Peaks and North Wales and it was being taken out of its comfort zone. Will be going for a competitively priced £995 with a good spec. Let me know if you are interested 🙂


    I had an xl stumpy that felt a bit big, and a large pitch and large RIP9, both of which felt a bit small. My xl Solaris is a perfect fit.


    No one on a giant anthem but tested XL 2 weeks ago and it felt good and very fast bike. I’ve fell in love with the new stumpy fsr. Best looking bike for 2500 if you like the stealth look. Sat on the large 29Er in shop but sales guy reckons I should try XL. Will be testing it on the demo day on 15th at cannock. Can’t wait.

    6’4″ here and I ride a 22″ Orange five with a 60mm stem and it’s been perfect for everything from days in the peaks to mucking about in the woods to uplift days. Never felt so comfortable on a bike before!


    Personally I would think a test ride would answer most of the questions …


    6ft3 here had a large giant yukon fx It was very slightly small for me but great fun and I would buy one again.

    6′ 5″ and and XL Nicolai Helius AC. I’ve got 36″ inside leg. The XL size has got longer over the years on the XL and it’s only now with a TT of 635mm/Reach of 461mm that I’ve been able to drop to shorter than a 100mm stem (though I still ride fairly narrow bars). Shorter top tubes just don’t give me the space to move around on the bike (and I smack my knees on the brakes/shifters too often).

    You really can’t judge anything from either a manufacturers size and on MTBs at all from the seat tube (which, with dropped top tubes doesn’t even give much idea of standover – it’s purely an indicator of how low you can drop the saddle and even that’s not relevant with dropper posts).

    My experience is that most tall people ride a bike that’s too small. Saying that, on my first bikes I had a 21″ Marin Rocky Ridge the felt good but looked huge (pretty horizontal TT) followed by an Airborne Ti hardtail that I never got on with as it was too long (probably have been sorted out with a shorter stem/inline post/wider bars but it was a long time back). The XL Superlight that followed always felt spot on.


    6’6″ here, with humongous legs. XXL Stumpjumper 29er and 22″ Orange Five 26er. Both fit really well, the Stumpy being the bigger of the two.

    The bizarre thing is, you’d imagine tight switchbacks would be harder on a bigger bike, since swapping to bigger bikes I’m finding them drastically easier. Just having a bit more space over the bike makes a world of difference.

    The XL Ibis Mojo I once had being the most tragic, very short wheelbase, I couldn’t climb or descend on it, very simple switchbacks I was embarressingly bad at. Lifting the front wheel was easy on the plus side! :/

    Mrs Toast

    Personally I would think a test ride would answer most of the questions …

    In my experience (of being a hobbit married to an ent), demo days and test fleets can be seriously limited when it comes to the smallest and largest sizes…

    Which is funny, as this thread shows that tall chaps who enjoy biking aren’t exactly a rarity.


    ive got a Ventana XL El Capitan 29er frame for sale very cheap if anyone is interested

    Premier Icon christhetall

    Gary Fisher Hi Fi (29er), though I’m not sure that’s still available in UK, might have been superseded by Trek Rumblefish. XL


    6’3″ with long legs.
    20″ Five (26-er)
    18″ Patriot

    Previously had a XL meta 5 but found it far less manouverable on tech.

    Got an XL Liteville 301 on the way, 26″ rear/27.5″ front

    simons_nicolai-uk – Member
    The XL Superlight that followed always felt spot on.

    6’4″ – XL SC Superlight which is spot on. Also 20″ ti456, previously XL Rockhopper.


    6’4 and a large boardman fs


    6’7 Tallboy LTC XXL arriving this week, should be an improvement on my too small 2004 rim braked Kona Fire Mountain 🙂

    Premier Icon juanking

    6’4″, XL Yeti 575, Thomson 50mm stem, perfect.


    Yeti SB95 XL


    Scalpel 3 – 29er – XL
    Trigger 1 – 29er – XL



    I also ride the XL salsa horsethief (22inch) with a 50mm stem. Perfect fit

    Premier Icon ampthill

    6’4″ and on a Trek Fuel Ex 8 (the 26″ version). Feels spot on with a 70 mm stem for me

    Mines an ex 6 but snap


    6’5 on a cube ams150 22″ frame, sounds and looks huge but rides well, also have an xl giant xtc, both 26ers

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