If Ken Block is so good, how come he sucked as a rally driver?

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  • If Ken Block is so good, how come he sucked as a rally driver?
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    Loeb tested for Toro Rosso a few years ago. FIA wouldn’t grant him a super licence due to a lack of circuit experience. Think red bull were seriously considering him for an f1 drive.

    So did Rossi for Ferarri, I seem to recall both were within 0.5 second of the time set by the race driver at the same test. Which in their first outing in a F1 car is staggering.

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    I’ve just read through your PH post.

    As someone who has spent 20 years in the motor trade in manufacturer technical roles and who dreamed of working in WRC.

    1. I doff my hat to your mechanical and electrical skills.
    2. Dam I’m jealous of the same. :mrgreen:

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    I know very little about engines/cars etc but even I can see that Maxtorque Ibiza is just an incredible piece of work.

    engineering porn on PH

    Holy mother of all things holy………….


    ken box was more entertaining than ken blocks videos 😀

    his videos are about as far derived from WRC as you can get and still be in a rally car.

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    We used to 12 car rally’s and single venue many years ago, I’m afraid to say money, car, tyres, spares makes a real difference to your placing.

    If you want to get on in rallying then you have to chase a one make championship running current manufacturers models,BIG BUCKS


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    The trick with rallying is not knowing when to go fast, it’s knowing when to go slow!
    The very best, absolutely world class rally drivers have a “sixth sense”, a combination of skill, experience, and being able to process multiple sources of information, simultaneously when under duress!

    Having been lucky enough to sit next to some of the world best rally drivers whilst developing WRC cars for Prodrive, it’s uncanny at how they somehow preempt changes in grip before they occur.

    Block is a good driver, and has good physical car control skills, but he’s completely “visual” in his driving. World class rally drivers use much more than just their eyes to drive absolutely at the limit of grip (what ever speed that requires) on unfamiliar and changing surfaces.
    In rallying, if you wait till you’ve seen a hazard it’s too late and combined with the constant temptation to over drive the car to make up time or deficits in the cars performance itself, it’s oh so easy to carry a small amount of excess speed with predictable consequences!

    He speaketh the truth 😀

    (Hi Mr V) 😆 Hopefully get both toys out on track soon, although I think you will beat me to it


    For the Haterz-

    I’m neither a fan or a hater- he comes across as quite grounded and a nice bloke to know though in interviews etc (as far as one can tell I guess).

    Although with that cap on he does look ridiculous 😆

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    A bit OT, but thank you for the kind words chaps! My car has been a real labour of love, but i think it’s worth it….. 😉

    I’d suggest watching this X Games 2013 Gymkhana, Mr Block got owned in the quarter finals by some bloke from Engerland…Liam Doran. He even went on to won that even this year too….another one who slipped under the radar this year in sporting acheivements(Don’t get me started on British Superbike and World Superbike)….

    Go across the pond where Motorsport has a much wider audience and people like Ken et al get put on a pedestal with amazing funding to create showpieces like the Gymkhana series that Ken has worked on since day one.

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    Never knew his back history – hats off (and I wish he would it looks really stupid) to the bloke.
    I never knew he was such an old bloke (45!), he should be on here


    Thanks for that. Good article.

    Very interesting to know everything else he has done, I had no idea.

    So considering that he wasn’t really planning a career as a professional driver, and just fancied “having a go” then his achievements are pretty impressive really.


    Kcr that in car footage is priceless! Never seen that before. Absolute 😆 “SAMMY”

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    A bit OT, but thank you for the kind words chaps! My car has been a real labour of love, but i think it’s worth it..

    Maxtorque, I’ve been reading the PH thread. I am in awe. I almost stood up and applauded when I saw the CAD drawings

    Another +1 for MaxTorque’s car! Truly incredible!! Reading your replies to questions on that thread, and you knowledge just pours out! You are clearly a very talented man.


    Maxtorque, I’ve just read through your entire PH thread, and all I can do is reiterate what a number of others in the thread said: shitthebed! I’m stunned, the amount of work involved is breathtaking, and the level of detail is a work of automotive art!
    A phenomenal piece of work, sir, and congratulations.
    I like the fact that the engine was built in your living room, and was the most valuable item in the house… 😀


    I recall reading an article a while back about f1 -> Rally and Rally ->f1.

    The consensus of the article was that f1 drivers typically struggle in Rallying, but Rally drivers adapt pretty well to f1 cars. M Schumacher was cited as an exception. Apparently Schumacher and Colin McRae had a few head to heads where cars were swapped and both drivers were competitively fast in the other car. In other similar head to heads the Rally driver usually won out.

    No idea why, or even how unbiased/accurate the article was, but interesting reading nonetheless.


    I love this:
    “Gilles Panizzi was leading the 2002 WRC Rally Catalunya by a solid 45 seconds. Much to the surprise of the spectators, as well as his bewildered co-driver, he decided to do some donuts in the middle of a stage.”

    I remember seeing this-amazing!

    Maxtorque, from one engineer to another, you are completely mental (in the best possible way)!

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