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    don’t bother with tents. use yha’s. they are cheap and rather good nowadays.


    Usually long since closed in my experience – survivors tend to be expensive now.


    decathlon do reasonable lightweight tents. Alpkit for a reasonable down sleeping bag or snugpak for synthetic. If you’re in western Europe go with gas or meths for a stove. If you go gas get a stove that sits on the floor like this one. Much more stable.


    Don’t do what I did this weekend. Carry a wetsuit,snorkel, fins and mask on a mini tour of Pembroke absolutely convinced that you’re going snorkelling in the evening,when in reality you can only just walk to the shower block without collapsing. Carried the whole bloody lot 80 miles without dipping a toe in the sea 😳

    the teaboy

    It looks like I’ve been roped into organising a road bike tour of the Dales and Lakes in September.

    I haven’t toured since a post-GCSEs loop of the Lakes which consisted of rigid mtbs, YHAs, massive rucksacks and trying every pub en-route trying to get served booze by means of increasingly implausible stories of how old we were.

    Things must have changed a bit since then…

    I’m currently scouring eBay for 1-2man tents, racks and panniers. What do I need to know? What tips, tricks and cheap options are out there?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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