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  • andysredmini

    I cant offer much help other than it would be a similar process to buying another memory card and copying even just one of the other cards. The unit wont read a copy as I believe it has some method of blocking copied cards.
    I briefly looked but in the end bought a unit with the genuine maps as the hassle didn’t seem worth it and the end result isn’t very reliable according to some web sources.

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    Tried Garmin forums? Loads over there with similar requests..

    I can’t help, but I have found a lot of help on that forum..


    Yes, I loaded up a OSM European ski map on an 800 alongside the OS maps and it picked it up, though these covered different areas.

    If you have 2 maps covering the same area I find it easier to enable / disable them so you only have the one you want active. I use the OS maps offroad but there’s a bit too much detail to read them easily when on road.

    In the menu on the Garmin it tells you which maps are on the card and their status (Enabled / Disabled).

    Probably a real simple answer but I’m a bit of a tech idiot do bare with me!

    I’ve got a Garmin 810 with the European navigator SD card, I’ve also just purchased a 1:50k land ranger card. These are both 4gb. Could I buy a blank 8gb card and combine the two to save remembering to swap the cards/loosing one of them?

    Will the garmin find the right maps automatically if I do this, ie. when in France will it switch to the euro map set?


    Crell, I think that’s the info I’m after. I too think the OS Is too much for road use so would like to switch that off when not required.

    My OS card maybe ‘ahem’ not all that authorised so copies can work I guess?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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