Identify 70's boardgames – Help!

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  • Identify 70's boardgames – Help!
  • Trying to relive some of my youth. I have found Tank Battle which was good. Now I want a ‘board’ game based on the Battle of Britain

    The base was a (Green) plastic moulding. Each side looked like a basic airfield with a runway and an AA emplacement and holes for 6 aircraft. In the middle went a clear ‘acrylic’ screen with a couple of clouds and a sun printed on it. There were lots more ‘holes’ linked by lines.

    You rolled a dice. On a 6 you took off and followed one of the lines until your move was ‘over’. You could then turn the plane so that the next turn you followed a line. You were safe in the clouds or the sun, but anywhere else, if you ‘landed’ on a hole where there was another plane opposite you shot it down (pushed it out by inserting your plane).

    I have googled lots over the last few months and can’t find anything like it

    Can anyone help by at least giving me the name of the game?


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    Ooh, an hour and no correct answers. Is this the point where we have to turn off the internet as STW hivemind fails??


    We can only hope so. 😀

    Sorry MrSparkle, the shine is missing from your answer. I have found lots of those, but they are a board game played on a flat surface with no vertical Perspex screen in the middle like wot I described earlier

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    Never heard of it before but..,

    Looks fun!

    I have googled lots over the last few months and can’t find anything like it

    better off spending 2 mins searching on BGG (the board game equivalent of STW!) like I just did 😀

    Thats it

    Thanks Zilog. I have spent the morning trawling through a list of MB Games for no reason, it was made by Airfix 😳

    Now I guess I need a bit of patience on eBay….

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    Ha ! I had that game but had completely forgotten about it until I clicked on this thread !

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